Instagram Marketing – Hashtags Contests Helps to Discover Your Brand


Social media has become a vital part of business ventures today. In order to get more profits and also to sustain their businesses more and more, business owners are now turning to digital marketing and marketing on social media for getting more visibility and getting more publicity for their products. Perhaps the best social media application for doing business marketing is Instagram.

On Instagram, you will be able to upload photos and videos of your business products and services. This can increase the visibility of your products. By using the proper hashtags and by using feature contests you will be able to get more and more people to learn about your business. This, in turn, will help you get more business revenues and profits. In this article, you will learn about how you can use Instagram effectively to boost your business by using hashtags and feature contests.

Use your hashtags wisely with efficient targeting

By using the proper hashtags, you can increase the discover ability and visibility of all your posts significantly. It can expose your business to more people, and a large worldwide audience will know and learn about your business. People from different corners of the world will know about your products and buy them. You need to be careful with the hashtags that you put. They must be relevant. These need to be connected with your industry and niche.

Do not put hashtags which are not related to your products. This will make users skeptical, and they will not see your posts anymore. Thus, you must do thorough research of all the popular hashtags from your niche and industry. Incorporate the right hashtags to get good results.

You can check what hashtags your competitors use for this purpose. Put your hashtags under the captions of your photos that you upload in Instagram. You need to use at least four hashtags to ensure that you get more visibility. You must not use too many hashtags as that will make your photos look like spam. You must use some common and popular hashtags like #likeforlike and #instaphoto to make your photos appear on more people’s feeds. Also, use hashtags in your business website’s designs.

Hashtags are basically like ordinary keywords. You must ensure that these have been checked properly and thoroughly. You must not put any incorrect hashtags. This can render your posts get invisible, and it will not be able to engage your audience at all. You must use hashtags which can help you to expose your business and your posts to more and more people. Besides the hashtags, you must not also forget to add the links of your business website under your Instagram posts.

Use a lot of feature contests

One of the most effective strategies for promoting business ventures on Instagram is by using feature contents. These contests are primarily such contests where you will ask your users to be finishing some selected tasks which they will for getting some gift vouchers in return as well as some prizes and gifts. They will also be able to get featured on your official profile on Instagram and your other profiles on different social media platforms and get adulation from other people. Such contests will be involving different gifts and different features and separate criteria which users need to fulfill so that they can win more prizes.

On Instagram, you should be able to create posts and upload photos and pictures about any upcoming events or contests which you might be having. These contests should easy and simple. You can just ask people to show innovative and unique methods by which they use your products or let them tell stories and share anecdotes about how they used your products. Your gifts have to include some special deals, prices, discounts, information on products, coupons, tickets to several events and so on.

You will have to consider featuring the pictures of your contestants, and other winners on your Instagram profile and this will get more and more people to participate in your contest and also increase audience interaction.

Users would love to get featured and will adore the attention which this will bring them when they have their photos featured. They will be getting their business profiles highlighted, and people will be able to see them. This is a very useful tactic and will be extremely effective in getting more efficient and active marketing done for you.

The reason for this is that more people shall be learning now about your products when they see their friends get featured on your profile, these would be people whom they are on familiar terms and know personally. Thus, when they see that they use your products, they would also be willing to use them. You must try and get more followers on your Instagram profile to get more success, visit VVSlikes to know how you can do this.


In today’s world, you can find almost everyone is using social media applications. In fact, social media applications have ensured that people use the internet more than they ever did in the past, such is the popularity of these apps.

However, it is this popularity that has ensured that social media applications and websites become sites for business marketers to promote their wares on and engage with more people. One of the most effective social media platforms for business promotional purposes is Instagram. It has the most active potential to help promote business ventures. More and more people would be easily able to become aware of your particular business and brand with Instagram. You will not only boost your organic traffic you will also be able to increase your sales considerably.

By using hashtags and other innovative ideas like contests and captions you can improve the visibility of your brand also. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will help you to understand how you should use Instagram to boost your business and get more revenues.