How to Come Up with a Business Name – Catchy & Creative Ideas

Business Name

Starting a new business needs dedication, passion, and courage. You already have your plan, and you have already talked to a few clients. What is only remaining is the name of the business.

You need to come up with a good business name that people can remember easily. This is advantageous as this could mean free publicity for your business. There are companies which charge a lot of money to come up with a suitable name for your company.

But you don’t need to use a lot of money looking for the services of these companies to get a good name for your company. You can look for a business name generator on your browser to help you come up with possible names for your company. So, instead of using a lot of money to find a name for your company, you can use this online tool. It is easy and convenient to use.

This article is going to give you some hints on how to come up with a business name for your business.

Use acronyms

You can decide to use the first letter of every partner in the business to come up with the name of the business. You can also decide to use the acronyms of the first letter of every word describing what the company is offering.


You can join two or more words that make sense to you and your business, for example, the Compaq Company got its name from the two words computer and pack. You can also use yours like that as long as it is meaningful.

Use your name

If you are not satisfied with other names, then why don’t you use your name? Most of the famous brands that we know these days were actually the names of the inventors of those things. Boeing Company, for example, was from the name of the inventor who is E. Boeing. Therefore, there is no problem with using your name as the name of your business.

Take a look at the map

You can get inspired by the names in the world map. Famous companies like – Amazon was as a result of the largest river in the world and Fuji from the name of the highest mountain in Japan. You can also get your favorite name from the world map and use it as the name of your business.

Partner with another company

You can get the name of your company by merging the two names of the company instead of coming up with a new one. A company like Ben and Jerry came from the combination of Ben’s and Jerry’s company. You can, therefore, do the same if you are merging two companies.

Use nicknames

You can also decide to use the names of your kids or nicknames, they sound strange, but when you look at the names of the famous companies in the world like Mercedes, you will realize that the name came from the name of the daughter of one of the founders of the company.