How To Impress Your Future In-Laws

celebration party

They may not be your future in-laws yet, but if you’re meeting BAE’s parents for the first time, you’ll naturally want to make a great impression.

You may have reservations or anxiety about meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend’s. Same goes when each of your parents are meeting for the first time.  Perhaps, rightfully so. Remember the movie Meet The Fockers? But we suspect your boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents are nothing like De Niro’s character, Jack Bryne.

Get off to a good start with these tips that are sure to impress and put everyone at ease. It may take some preparation like researching wet dry vacuum reviews or marinating tenderloins (check out some great pork tenderloin recipes here) but the effort will be worth it.

Clean House

We mean this in the least scandalous, most literal sense possible. If you’re hosting and haven’t done a thorough deep clean at home in more than six months, this is a great time to do it.

If your future in-laws are sticklers for cleanliness, after a deep clean there’ll be no dust on the blinds, cat hairs on the furniture, or stains on the area rug for them to notice. Even if they aren’t neat freaks, gathering in a clean fresh home will make everyone feel more comfortable. (On a side note, you can also make a large living space feel more warm and inviting with simple design tips)

A thorough top to bottom cleaning sounds like a lot of work, right? Thankfully, there are home appliances and gadgets to help you with quick thorough home cleaning.

A good quality wet dry vacuum can help you with all of these household cleaning tasks and more. Wet dry vacuums do the job of a mop, broom and vacuum with powerful suction for effective floor and carpet cleaning. And many of the best wet dry vacuum cleaners have hoses and accessory attachments to help clean hard-to-reach areas.

When browsing different types of wet dry vacuums, pay attention to what size of room and type of surface each is suited for. Select the best vacuum for your needs and you’ll use it over and over again.

Cook To Perfection

Is there anything more impressive than an amazing meal?

Score major points by planning, preparing and serving a meal they’ll love. Not only will they eat well, they’ll know their child (and future grandchildren) will too.

Stick with brunch or lunch if culinary skills aren’t your strong suit. But if you’re comfortable in the kitchen, why not invite them to dinner and prepare a home cooked meal? Find inspiration in these classic creative food and wine pairings.

Make sure you’re aware of any allergies or other food restrictions. For example, are they vegan, vegetarian or mindful of their cholesterol.

Steer The Conversation

Nervous about being put on the hot seat or dinner with awkward silence? Take control of the conversation by steering the conversation to a topic you share in common – your loved one.

Asking and listening to his or her parents tell childhood stories will not only entertain you, it shows your interest in their child and will help you learn even more about your partner. And not to worry, if your in-laws to be run out of great stories. There are other useful strategies to keep the conversation going.

At the end of the day, you’re dating your boyfriend/girlfriend, not their parents but a little effort will go a long way to make sure the relationship gets off to a good start.