How to Avoid or Recover from Identity Theft


Identity theft has been turned as a crisis for the cyber world in recent times. Users are targeted for identity traces more than ever before. Today, cybercriminals are trying all new techniques to target users to steal their identity traces. To do so, they attack users with ransomware, spyware, adware, Trojans and similar malware threats. Here, their only motto remains to steal personal identifiable information of users to use it for their benefit.

Furthermore, these cybercriminals may use this stolen information to avail credit services with fake names, apply for tax returns, apply for fake driver’s license or do similar crimes. While the threat is real and persisting, here we have discussed ways to avoid this threat at first hand. Furthermore, in case you are being attacked then we have discussed ways to recover from identity theft too.

How to avoid identity theft?

Don’t click on random links or attachments

The first precautionary action to avoid identity theft is to avoid clicking on unknown links and to avoid opening attachments from unknown or suspicious senders. Phishing emails is one of the most practiced ways by cybercriminals to attack users and steal their valuable information. You may receive tons of emails and messages asking you to click on the links or attachments to avail heavy discounts or prizes. Here, these emails are sent by cybercriminals to affect your device with malware. Thus, it is advised to avoid actions on such emails.

Use identity theft protection software

Using identity theft protection service is one of the best ways to keep your valuable information safe from identity theft. These advanced tools work on smart algorithms & techniques to find all identity traces on your system and keep them safe in the secure vault. Once it moves your identity traces to the encrypted secure vault, no one can access your details but you. These tools also offer a lot of other useful security features to keep you safe from cyber-attacks.

Don’t work on the open network

Open network such as free Wi-Fi etc. may sound lucrative deal but it may bring immense trouble for you. Here, cybercriminals can easily break your system security and steal valuable information with a small piece of malicious software. Thus, we suggest you should avoid using the open network to avoid unnecessary trouble and possible cyber-attack.

Shred identity traces

Next thing you should do is to shred data properly. No matter you are deleting files on the system or sending hard copies of documents to trash, don’t remember to shred it properly. To do this, you can use multiple shredding tools online and offline. This simple trick will help you avoid identity theft effectively.

Track credit reports

Another effective step to avoid identity theft is to keep track of your credit reports. Here, you need to monitor changes in your credit reports to identify possible misuse of your credit history. To do this, you can request credit reports from all major credit agencies. In case you find some discrepancy in the credit report then you can contact the related institution to fix the problem.

How to recover from identity theft?

Lodge a complaint

In case you are under attack of identity theft then the first thing you should do is to lodge a report with concerning authorities. Here, you can contact your local police authorities to find the solution. You can contact their cybercrime branch in case identity was stolen online.

Freeze credit

Next thing you should do is to contact to concerning credit agencies to freeze your credit services. Here, you can communicate with one credit agency to convey them the message about possible identity theft and this agency will circulate the information with other agencies as well to freeze your credit services. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the information is sent to all credit agencies.

Contact individual institutions

During the process, if you have found that certain documents are compromised then you contact individual institutions to fix the problem. For example, if you have found a new credit card was issued on your name without your knowledge then first you should apply to block that. Furthermore, you can apply for new documents if your present documents are compromised.

Following above-mentioned steps, you can easily manage to avoid or recover from identity theft. In addition to these steps, if you know more such steps then feel free to comment below.

Identity theft issue is turning to be a major problem for users around the world. Here, we have discussed ways to avoid it at first hand. We have also mentioned ways to recover from identity theft.