5 Important Steps To Prepare Your Pool For Summer

swimming pool

Preparing your swimming pool for the summertime is not all about filling it up. A little maintenance is mandatory and the good news is you do not necessarily have to hire an expert, but do it yourself. Not only will it keep your pool running for ages, but it also ensures a safe operation.

Cleaning Filters

It might take a whole weekend to perform this operation, so start early. Take the cover off and start getting rid of all the debris around. Look for big things that can easily clog the filter. If you have not performed any maintenance in the fall season, chances are there are plenty of dead leaves around. Getting a backpack blower might be the fastest way to do it. At this stage, do not worry about the color of the water – it might look a bit dirty and unhealthy, but you will do this at a later stage.

Topping the Pool

Top the water in the pool, even if the existing water looks bad. It is perfectly alright to mix clean and dirty water, do not worry about it right now. Just top the pool with an AquaArmor lightweight hose. Once you are done, add all the cleaning products you have in the pool – all the chemicals. This is when the cleaning process begins. Turn the equipment on – as well as the pump and the filter. The process mixed with those chemicals will clean the water. It must run for 24 to 48 hours though.

If somehow the pump does not process water, simply take the lid off and give it some water to start it off.

Cleaning Pool Elements

From a ladder to the sides and the stairs, everything must be scrubbed and cleaned before the season begins. Vacuum around or just use a backpack blower if there is too much debris around. When it comes to chemicals, you have more options. Some pool owners rely on floating chlorine pods, while others use different systems. It is entirely up to you.

Keeping Water Steady

The pool should be kept full at all times. Water will disappear as it evaporates – perfectly normal. Just keep it above the skimmer – use a garden hose to do it.

Clearing the Surroundings

A cover is an excellent idea to keep debris and dead leaves off your pool. But then, you also need to keep an eye on the surroundings anyway, as they will contribute to the condition of your pool. Trees should not really be around pools, not to mention bushes that drop seeds and leaves. Not only do they make the pool unappealing, but they will also clog the vacuum.

Whatever operation you perform to clean your pool, safety comes first. If you go around it, make sure you do not slip on the surface. If you use a backpack blower, make sure you get ear protection. You can use above ground pool vacuum cleaner to to clean your pool effortlessly.


Bottom line, getting your pool ready for the summertime is not so hard, but you have to start doing it early, rather than wait until the first hot weekend kicks in.