Home Renovation Tips for Ageing Seniors

home renovation

You need to adapt to your home as you age. You might not be quite as nimble as you once were. Winding staircases, uneven floors and attic bedrooms might not suit your lifestyle these days. You need to think about making your home easy and safe to live in – especially when you get older.

Simple tasks can become difficult as you age. Take a look at your budget and schedule a few renovations to improve your home. If you are over 55, you can release equity from your home to access extra funding.

Here are a few home renovation tips for older individuals.

An accessible kitchen

Small changes can make your kitchen much easier to use. For example, you could install smart cabinets with pull out drawers and trays. You can keep everything organised and don’t need to reach the back of the cabinet. Or, you could swap top cabinets for ones that are lower down. You don’t need to climb up high to get your baking supplies. Keep all of your cupboards low down, so you grab things easily. You can fill the space above with floating shelves for plants, pictures and ornaments. An accessible kitchen can still be stylish.

Built-in appliances are also safer for ageing homeowners. You can install them at the perfect height and don’t need to work about them getting close to wet patches.

An easy entrance

You don’t know what the future holds. You may need to use a wheelchair in the future. Widen your doorways inside and outside your property to make it more accessible. It’s best to prepare ahead of time.

First-floor bedroom

You can remain comfortably in your home for decades with a first-floor bedroom. There’s no need to climb the stairs to your bedroom when you have space downstairs. You can reduce your risk of falling down the stairs and keep everything in reach. It gives you better access to the rooms you use every day. You should have a bathroom downstairs as well.

Bathroom Modifications

Stepping into a shower tray sounds like a small activity. However, if you have sore hips, knees or ankles, it can be a painful task. Install a walk-in shower room with handrails for extra stability. In the future, you could wheel your chair into the shower room. Put the faucets at the far end of the shower section. You can turn on the water and change the temperature without needing to get wet. Genius!

Add a few modern features to your accessible bathroom to make it feel extra luxurious. Opt for silver handrails and appliances and a waterfall shower head. You could add a heated towel rail to keep yourself warm after your shower as well.

A few renovations can make you much more comfortable at home.