11 Major Causes of Roof Damage


Homeowners often overlook roof inspection and only act when the roof damage is done. A damaged roof can cause a lot of inconveniences and costly repairs. Ensure it is checked annually and after harsh weather such as storms and strong wind.

1Lack of Maintenance

A roof requires frequent maintenance and care. This helps to detect any issues and rectify them before the problem worsens. However, lack of annual inspection, cleaning gutters, checking roof alignments, among other maintenance, can cause roof damage. Always check your roof for stains and leaks to avoid costly repairs.

2Tree Branches

Branches of overgrown trees can fall on the roof due to strong wind or decay and cause massive damage to the roof. Trees affected by diseases become weak, causing the limbs to fall on the roof. Always ensure your trees are trimmed by a tree trimmer to prevent damage.


Pests and animals such as rats, bats, squirrels, birds, and woodpeckers can damage your roof. Their poop and birds’ nests pile up and rot, causing damage to their shingles. Raccoons destroy shingles while trying to reach the insects under the fascia boards.

4Walking on the Rooftop

At times, homeowners walk on the roof when clearing debris or checking its condition. However, using spiked shoes or walking when the roof is hot can cause damage. Also, you can accidentally knock off a shingle out of place. To keep your roof safer, use soft shoes and avoid climbing to the top when it’s hot.

5Poor Installation

It is essential to hire a qualified and experienced roofer for your roof installation and repairs. An attempt to fix a problem can cause more damage to the roof. In most cases, homeowners hire unqualified roofers who fail to install underlayment or use substandard materials. After some years, the roof will start developing problems, leading to frequent repairs. If you want your roof done by professionals, visit now and get quality work.


Fallen leaves and dust can create a lot of debris on your roof. In some cases, you can even find papers on the rooftop brought by the wind. Such debris accumulates and preserves moisture on the shingles, causing damage to them.

7Excess Wind

Strong winds can blow off and lift your shingles. This gives way to water and moisture, which damages the shingles. Excess water can leak onto the ceiling and walls, causing molds and awful smells. If you notice a stray shingle after rainfall, inspect the roof to determine the damage.

8Sun Rays

High heat and UV rays during summer can shorten your roof’s lifespan. Intense rays dry up shingles, causing shingle wrapping and breakages due to thermal expansion. Insulating the attic will reduce the impact of sunshine on the roof.

9Aging Shingles

Old and weak shingles are a common cause of roof problems. If your roof is past warranty, you are likely to experience roof problems, leading to constant repairs. The best way is to invest in a roof replacement and avoid the cost of frequent maintenance.


Gutters help to direct water away from your roof. If the downspout is filled with debris, the water cannot flow, causing it to go back to your roof. This causes rotting in the affected part.

11Heavy Rainfall

Too much rain can damage your roof over time. The presence of air pollutants in the air can cause significant damage to the shingles. After the storm, have your roof inspected to see if there is any damage caused.

Although some causes of roof damage cannot be prevented, it is best to have frequent inspections. Proper maintenance helps to avoid repairs. However, seek the services of a qualified roofer to get quality services.