Computer Science Arduino Projects for DIY Enthusiasts


Arduino is one of the most popular open-source electronics platforms based on easy-to-use software and hardware. Arduino kits offer a great entry point for novices to get into the world of electronics and with so many incredible options available, there is a kit for everyone.

These products offer a huge array of fun projects for anyone to get involved with but here are our top 5 fun Arduino projects for DIY enthusiasts

Motion-Triggered Night Lamp

Getting out of bed in the middle of the night can convey a range of unique dangers for the human body. With no visibility and no light to turn on, each step you take must be carefully calculated to avoid the pain of stepping on a sharp inanimate object. If this sounds familiar to you, then building a motion-triggered night lamp is an ideal project for you.

Starting off by building an LED lighting system that will be controlled and detected by an Arduino board, this will be able to detect any movement and trigger the lights to come on, highlighting your path to your desired destination.

We recommend attaching your lights to the base of your bed as this will provide a clear view of the floor when the lights come on which will also help to ensure that the light is not too harsh on your eyes.

Fingerprint Scanner to Your Garage Door

A challenging task that rewards you with a practical system that can protect your personal belongings and with 267,000 burglaries in England and Wales across 2020/2021, this is definitely a project for anyone to consider. This project seems difficult to begin with but for anyone who enjoys a challenge, this will be incredibly fun for you to take on.

Personalised Alarm System

Remaining on the topic of security is a personalised alarm system which can be extremely fun to put together due to the potential size of the project. For anyone who has an interest in the security industry too, this may be the best project for you.

Within this fun project, you will be building a system that allows for an alarm to activate whenever a person appears in front of a connected sensor. The alarm can then only be deactivated using your desired code which makes it an exceptionally reliable system to build.

Robot Arm with Controller

Arduino kits are also extremely reliable for robotics projects which makes the robotic arm and controller project seem extremely fun. This project is a great way to force yourself out of your comfort zone and try some new skills.

Begin by creating your basic robotic arm, then go on to use your Arduino kit for coding the underlying logic for the arm and from there, you can show off to your friends and family just how impressive your creation is.