3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Data Plan

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With the advancement of technology, smartphones are now more than just a basic cell phone used for calling and sending texts. Today’s smartphone has evolved into multifunctional devices that combine computing, web browsing, gaming, media playback, GPS navigation among others. Since data usage increases daily as we adopt all the features of these smart devices, it’s advisable to choose sim only mobile data plans that best suit your usage. Today, the wide range of competitive providers enables us to choose plans that will not promote more spending on our part. So what are some factors to consider when choosing a data package?

1High-Speed Data Package

The first thing to consider is whether you need high-speed data or mid-range. If your primary need is sending and receiving emails, data speeds up to 170 kilobytes per second (kps) should be enough. But if you want to watch movies on YouTube or download large files, go for high-speed internet packages with data speeds between 7-10 mbps.

Before you buy a package that offers mid-range internet speed, find out how fast your phone is. If you’re buying a Vivo V3 Max (8 mbps), for example, there’s no need to spend more on high-speed sim only mobile data plans when the speeds you get will be similar anyway.

2Special Mobile Data Packages

If you frequently make international calls via VOIP applications or you have a large family sharing one internet connection, opt for mobile data plans with unlimited international calling offers. Another benefit of these sim-only mobile data plans is that they are perfect for streaming videos online without interruption especially since most providers give them at discounted prices.

Remember to check the fine print of special mobile data packages offered by your chosen provider. Some sim-only mobile data plans require you to make a fixed number of minutes worth of calls before you can avail of their internet offer.

3User-Friendly Service and Customer Support

When choosing a sim-only mobile data plan, also consider the cost of customer support. Although most providers offer toll-free numbers for those times when your connection is slow or you want to upgrade your package, there are a few who charge a fee for this service. Go for providers that offer free customer support since their representatives can walk you through connecting the device and changing the settings without taking too much of your time.

Another thing to consider when choosing sim only mobile data plans is how convenient it is to monitor usage. Go for providers that provide apps to monitor the data plan you bought. This way, there’s no need to keep checking your email or online account when you want to know how much data you used up.

Also, be sure to check if the sim-only mobile data plan comes with a refund policy in case it does not work well on your phone. You may also opt for providers with good customer reviews so you can be sure you are dealing with a reliable service provider. The good news is that there are several competitive providers offering sim-only mobile data plans that best fit your needs. So take your time when shopping around to find the plan that best suits you.