7 Best Text to Speech Software for YouTube Videos [FREE & Paid]

text to speech software

There are many software which convert text to voice and make your life easier. Some of them are expensive and some have a reasonable price. However, all of them are there to help you. We hope this article will be of help to you in which we tried to enlist a few best text to speech software for YouTube videos.

Speech increases the success rate in the whole YouTube journey, either it’s storytelling or the regular sales pitch, speech plays a vital role in all of it. Having a good voice and speaking ability adds up more to it. But everyone doesn’t get both of them at the same time, many people hire voice artists to give voice-overs for their videos and they get paid highly for it. For an example, you may consider that for a 5-minute voiceover, a freelance artist might charge $5 to $100. But this is on a high end and not affordable for a regular person to hire expensive voice-over artists, especially if the videos are of long length.

So, what can you do if you are a beginner and have just started making videos? Well, if you haven’t heard yet of text to speech software (TTS) then keep reading to know more about it and come to rest on the list of software to transform speech from the text.

Transforming Any Text to 100% Human-like voice

In order to increase productivity now a days Text to speech software (TTS) is very famous in business environment. You can now convert the text to audio quite conveniently. How can you do that? Let us reach to the point where we discuss the needs and requirements for a video or a movie to create it with a voice.

If you want to attract a good number of audience and want them to go through the entire video without boredom, then a good voice over is a must. A video with a bad or un-related voice over will turn off the visitors and not tempt them to click. Therefore, these text to speech software can provide you the best and needed voice for your video since they are particularly made for this purpose.

benefits of text-to-speech

If you have made up your mind to use text to speech software, then stay tuned to read about the best text to speech software.

For people who want to make amazing videos and are working in media, there is a simple and easy to use Text to Speech software which can help you with the voice and language that will perfectly suit your video.

How to choose the perfect text to speech converter?

Get access to and familiarize with the best and perfect voice software that can solve all your problems for you. Therefore, without any efforts, make your work easier by using this text to speech software today. And guess what? You can choose any voice you like. Isn’t it cool? The company which has generated this software, guarantees you that no one can recognize if this voice is an A.I generated one or your own voice.

How can you transform your text into speech?

Well, there are a few things to know:

First of all, when you will type text on the screen to be transformed into a beautiful voice as you like and want, the software will make your life easy by transforming the text into speech.

You can select the voice as per your requirement if you want a male voice or a female voice. This is an incredible feature as some software do not give you this leverage.

This software deals with adding inflexions in voice, correcting the rise or fall in the speech, and gives you options to choose from 23 different languages. English is also included in them.

You do not have to worry about suiting your voice to the video anymore, since with this engine, you can get to select from 30 human-like voices to choose from. So, it has made everyone’s life very easy. Isn’t it even better than making the video with your own voice since this software takes care of a lot of factors and gives you many different options?

Another good factor is that you get to choose from 3 different tones such as a serious tone, a normal tone or a joyful tone.

Gone are the days when you had to choose expensive voice artists and spend a lot of cash for voice overs. Also, this software gives you different features to work with your video such as iMovie, Camtasia, Audacity, Adobe Premiere.

If you are wondering about who uses these software and who doesn’t then be notified that many videos that you see, and seem very professional to you, have used this software that is the reason their videos grab your attention and whatever is said in the video makes an impact.

How to edit your voice with this software?

It’s just a three-step process:

  1. Type or paste the text for which you want the voice.
  2. Select from the range of voices, gender and other requirements you think will suit your project perfectly.
  3. Click generate, click download.

That’s it! So simple right? This will not only be saving your time but will also be pocket friendly. Still confused? Keep reading to have some more information:

There are different types of videos which need different types of voice sets so voice should reflect the type of video.

  1. Training video
  2. Sales video
  3. Educational Video

For example, if you are making a sales video, the voice should reflect your product. Whereas while making a training video, the tone of your voice should be like explaining and clarifying things. And lastly, if you are making a video for educational purpose, then the tone should be entirely different.

There can be below reasons of selecting a text to speech software instead of relying on your own voice:

  • You feel hesitant while recording your voice.
  • Your microphone or recording tools are not good enough.
  • Your English is not good enough or the accent isn’t up to the mark.

No matter whatsoever the text is, you can transform it to voice over that just sounds like a human voice

You can solve your problems with the below options if you choose other applications such as Upwork, Fiverr or freelancer.

Outsource to convert text to speech

This means that you ask someone else to give you a voice over for your text. This means that you will pay them hundreds of dollars for a few minutes video. In this way you don’t have to learn or buy any software

Choose the best text to speech software

This process is cheap, quick and seems like genuine. The voice will sound 100% human voice like.

If you are wondering how a computer software can give you everything then the point is that this text to speech software is an artificial intelligence which has been created specially for this purpose therefore the voice library is vast and has been created for this purpose. Mostly telephone centrals use these text-to speech services, and they hardly encounter any problem such as a robotic voice.

In a matter of few seconds, you can get access to an amazing voice and that too, in an inexpensive manner.

You can even feel the expressions in the software too and it is guaranteed that you cannot guess whether the voice is computer generated or real. The surety is 98% that you will come across a professional sound as per the video.

If you want to work with any video creation software, you can work with text to audio software. This file can be used with any software and it is very convenient to work with.

There is a free trail available for this software if you want to have an idea how it works.


  • Get audio optimization
  • Multi-language working
  • The pitch and speaking rate can be adjusted as per need
  • Synchronize speech to your voice and text
  • Adjusting volume, tone and gender

If you are searching for software for podcasts, YouTube etc. then this voice generator is the best.

You can adjust your voice level and also opt for other choices in terms of language. It has a great customer support and this actually is an Application Program Interface. You can make video or audio in your own voice.

If you want to give your text a life, it is a perfect choice for narrating stories as well as plays given it a professional touch. There is also an option to silently read-along the stage direction. iTunes can be easily transported to iPhone, iPad or iPod.

If there seem any disturbances to you in terms of phrases or pronunciation of any words, they can be improved. Dictionary preferences are also there. This software is less in terms of price. A free trial is also available.

1Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is an amazing software for converting text to speech. You can add your voice to an application which you can generate through this software. This is a new category of products which are speech enabled. This is very advanced technology. The sound is natural like human and it is synthesized deep learning technology. You can get nonrobotic technology with this and give your video games, YouTube videos, lectures, a life through this software.

Not only this but if you want a high-quality delivery, then it has a Neural Text-to-Speech. Telephone applications make use of it for a two-way communication quite conveniently. It has a Neural TTS Technology which work with two speaking styles.


Another distinct software is NaturalReaders which is not the same as other software. This software converts any text written in PDFs, word, Documents and emails. These can be heard directly through on mobile device or on your PC. You can use this software for different languages. The only solution is NaturalReaders.

3Azure Text to Speech Software

When looking for an amazing text to speech software by an amazing company Microsoft, Azure Text to Speech is a software that will give your application a life. Your app and services will speak naturally through this software and from more than 110 voices and their variants, you can also choose from over 45 different languages. You can also choose a different speaking style with this software.

Create customized voices to bring uniqueness to your brand with a super text to speech software that works under Microsoft. You can try a free trial to see its benefits.

4Google Cloud Text-to-Speech

Another artificial intelligence software by Google is Cloud Text-to-Speech. This software converts text to natural speech as it is API software. You can convert text to speech very easily. This is a perfect software for professional workers who are in need of such voices every now and then.

5Acapela VaaS

If you want to write and convert that text in an attractive voice then this software is a good choice. So just sit back and relax to complete your audio work. You can have this done on 25 different languages. 50 voices can be chosen. You can take a free trial which is open 24 hours all 7 days of the week.

This product offers you a multi-language support system with a variety of voices, adjustable pitch and speaking rate, custom lexicons and audio optimization.


If you want quick audio with human voice with human voice then Woord is an appropriate software which offers Application Program Interface API.

Whatever voice that suits your video, you can select it from this software and use it in your chosen language to make your video with voice over ready.


Another professional software, which is used for converting text to speech is Voicely. A simple or complex text is changed to human voice through Artificial Intelligence. You do not have to do anything, just click a few buttons and your video will be professional and ready to be presented.