14 Best VoIP Service Providers for Small Businesses in [year]

VoIP Service

You are getting the right technology for your business problems. It can be the difference between the significant operational issues and business growth driven. To help you choose the best VoIP service providers to choose from, we’ve done extensive market research and independent review all the majority of the famous VoIP company in the industry.

Organizations embrace the VoIP business tool of the future to text message their internal and external business and the phone needs in the current home economics work. For each company, business communication is paramount in defining the customer experience that fosters brand, which can be the deciding factor.

A good VoIP phone service makes customers happier. After all, if they can reach you efficiently, you can meet their needs with ease. Along with the phone system, you also need to invest in making contact via social media, email and chat.

So, suppose you can save money on your phone system by installing the best VoIP phone service. In that case, while still receiving all the features you need, you will be able to expand your investment into areas other than customer connectivity.

Fortunately, we have taken a look at the best VoIP service providers that can help you choose one to suit your needs.

Top 14 VoIP Service Providers

There is a VoIP (Voice over IP) solution that allows you to run the PBX in the cloud and connect employees to work from home just as if they were wired to a local telephone switch. Here are we have listed the best VoIP service providers for small businesses that will help you stay connected.

Ring Central


RingCentral prides itself on helping collaborative teams regardless of location so that another excellent choice for remote teams. Because of the cloud-based services, custom application RingCentral enables seamless voice calls, text messaging, and audio/video conferencing in one unified desktop or application.

The Essential is a mid-tier plan that includes automatic call recording and auto-attendant, ensuring users never miss calls and provide virtual receptionist capabilities.

When I began to wonder about the VoIP service provider, RingCentral is one of the most mentioned. RingCentral offers solutions for small traders through the giant companies and focuses on integration developers, enabling external vendors to connect to the RingCentral environment in new and creative ways.

Their core product RingCentral Office, offers all the key features of virtual PBX, including auto-attendant, company directory, call forwarding and handling, and some extensions.



We last included Intermedia in our service, the best email hosting roundup, and it’s now back in our VoIP list. Intermedia offers a broad range of integrated communication, including virtual PBX, SIP trunking, and various conferencing applications. In this roundup, we’re looking at the combined enterprise system, Intermedia Unite.

In terms of features, this is the VoIP company with all the Fixin’s.



Nextiva is a leading provider of business VoIP and cloud-based communication.

Best customer service in their class has received several awards and customer loyalty vocals. Thanks to the online platform are polished and easy to use, managing multiple office locations can develop efficient communication across teams and time zones.

Once connected, the user is given the corporate directories, call routing, CRM integration, online fax, call extensions, SIP trunking capabilities, and much more beneficial features that provide remote teams a competitive edge. A scalable business phone system means that you can get what you need when you need it, without paying extra.



KrispCall is a top-rated VOIP solution that serves over 100 countries and is trusted by thousands of small businesses worldwide.

It offers a comprehensive set of call management features, including call transfer, call forwarding, IVR, and more. These features facilitate the efficient handling of a high volume of inbound and outbound calls, ensuring fast responses, quick call resolutions, and timely customer inquiries. Additionally, KrispCall provides high-quality audio during calls to streamline communication.

One of KrispCall’s stand-out features is its Unified Callbox, which makes it easy to manage all incoming calls, voicemails, and SMS messages in a single window. KrispCall also offers features like live call listening and call recording to improve the quality of calls and better handle customer queries.

Despite having a lot of features, KrispCall remains affordable when it comes to the price. Its subscription price is $12 per user per year. It is a  VOIP phone system with features that match the needs of all sizes of businesses,remote workers, freelancers, as well as digital nomads. So it’s indeed one of the most notable VOIP solutions out there.


Eight × 8 VOIP service provider is straightforward to set up and use, which is a great advantage for small businesses that may not have a dedicated IT person to handle the job.

For businesses that need tools to enable collaboration between employees better, 8 × 8 has some robust features. Individual employees can host conference calls, both audio and video calls. They can set up an online chat with one another, making it easier to stay in communication, even when they are out in the field.


Avaya Live Connect is a fully-featured communications solution designed for small and medium enterprises of the leading suppliers of VoIP products and services company.

An entry-level package is essential, starting at $19.95 per month, depending on your business’s size, and offers a cloud-based phone system, virtual meeting space, and specialty applications.

Avaya Business Package is the most popular, including Salesforce, Google and Skype integration, and customized reporting.

Power Packs present everything in previous levels, as well as advanced analytics, to dive deeper into your business day to day transactions.


3CX makes your business communications easy. As a software-based IP, PBX services are explicitly designed to run Windows, can connect your main business lines for smartphones and computers. Plus, with a simple license key, you will be able to get started without a lot of complicated settings.

3CX is the cost of an annual license price based on how many simultaneous calls the system must support at one time. Do you need to keep four lines or more than a thousand, 3CX has a variety of pricing options that suit your needs, ranging from just over one dollar per user per month, for those with a large company, to approximately $5 per user for the company- small company.


Its features medium and large businesses provide a better level of small companies’ performance, especially considering the price you will pay.

Verizon makes sure your phone system will be up and running all the time. This service has mobile phone synchronization services that are easy to use, allowing you to run the system from your phone when you are out of the office.

This VoIP powerhouse of wireless provider Verizon comes with several benefits expected courtesy enterprise infrastructure, including excellent connections through Verizon fiber-optic Internet.

Verizon offers a different pricing structure depending on business size and needs. However, all VoIP plans include essential services that can help medium and large businesses. One significant difference in the methods is the number of lines of business will require. The cheapest plan accommodates five rows, and you can upgrade from there.

Verizon offers about 45 VoIP features that cover most, if not all, essential needs. It includes a virtual receptionist who deftly handles call routing, providing professional veneer for small and medium enterprises and staying organized and aligned within the department.


For tiny businesses, Ooma is a smart choice because it provides all the hardware and software essential.

Plus, you do not need a lot of knowledge to start using Ooma. Besides, it takes less than 15 minutes to get the entire business phone system up and running.


What stands out about Grasshopper is a very manageable billing structure for small businesses. While the company offers a number three expansion plan and three numbers, the six planned extensions, the winner is the five numbers. The expansion plan is limited to $ 80 per month.

It is a per-month, per-user, only per month. So if you have a small company that develops and you want a virtual PBX with multiple numbers (such as one for primary, one for sales, one for support, etc.), and the extension for each employee and then, boom! Eighty dollars a month. If you hire more people, do not sweat. You are only budgeting an $ 80 per month fee.

Cloud Phone

CloudPhone is known to be a reasonable business VoIP provider for small businesses. Everything from the price structure for its features tells us that it is working hard for the industry’s little people. And it shows. With a unified communications solution CloudPhone, even the smallest business can put up a big front, winning respect and their clients deserve.

CloudPhone account is toll-free, with automatic call distribution and call recording. Businesses will appreciate the Find Me Follow Me feature, which has a ring for each call a designated phone line one by one until the caller to find you. So, it will ring on your office desk first, then your home phone, the cell, then you until you finally take. It is a very convenient feature that ensures you will not miss important business calls as you step out for a few minutes or have to leave the country for several reasons.


Aircall is the most accessible VoIPs out there. It has a stacked list of approachable features and more than capable of handling the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.

Users will find many of their essential needs met with this cloud-based VoIP. Intelligent directories, such as the IVR (interactive voice response) system, can help streamline calls and ensure customers achieve their department intended.

Aircall also offers some quality collaboration features. warm transfer, for example, allowing teammates to communicate while transferring the call live while calling the comments and assignment, proves a useful tool to delegate the market and keep the team in sync.


Phones alliance is about the customer along the way. The brand offers a quick and easy setup, unwavering reliability, integration of third-party applications, and a ton of tools to make your business communications walk quickly. Offers 24/7 customer support through various methods, cloud-based contact management system, and deep savings with all the plans, it is not hard to understand why customers prefer to use Alliance Phones.

The Alliance has the VoIP phone features that you’ve been looking for. Get caller ID management and full control over incoming and outgoing calls. You can use call forwarding to send the call to the appropriate department or staff member calls to the field, and you can adjust the call control following the number of entrances.

Managers will appreciate their dashboard tool’s convenience that makes selecting, delegating, and automating the wind’s call flow.


Mitel offers a VoIP phone service that runs on Google Cloud. You know that you have the support of an industry leader in reliability, scalability, and security.

It has a modern interface that is very easy to use. You will benefit from real-time management and a seamless experience across all your devices.

Mitel is a solution all-in-one for service communication, collaboration, and contact center. It is used by famous names such as Netflix, Smile Doctor, and Rewards Network.

How to find the Best VOIP Provider?

Are you finding the business VoIP provider for your needs? Thinking about customers’ requirements, and employees have to communicate in your business.

Remember when landlines are still governing the country, before the advanced smartphone pocket broadband engine? There was a time when the telephone handset is an essential business tooth when we put the phone near every seat in the house.

Many companies, especially those who have experienced their digital transformation, are pretty much business as usual. They communicate through Slack team or teams, set up Zoom meetings four times a day, and create an email chain and thread to make you question the meaning of life.

But they are not the companies and individuals we deal with. They do business talking on the phone (actually, some people do it) and call these transfers to extensions (which now have to traverse the planet instead of a building).

Integrate VoIP into your business. There are several factors to consider before you choose a provider. For example, when looking at VoIP system for small businesses, what do you need to consider is very different from a VoIP service for your home.

Switch to a VoIP system requires some initial cost, which is quickly offset by the savings. VoIP services can also improve your communication efficiency, convenience, and flexibility and help you combine the larger company’s business tools.

Before you choose your VoIP provider, try to determine how easy it will adopt the system and operate it, and also if you have any specific features you need. For example, if you want your business to present a professional and polished impression, you will want to make sure you have the required features like that of a law firm.

Final Words

Familiarity keeps small businesses with cloud-based services and software. Along with cell phones’ proliferation, they have made the right time to implement the VoIP business phone service that is best in your company.

Even remote employees can stay connected to customers, reducing the amount of time they wasted playing phone tag.

The relatively low cost of implementing a VoIP system means it can be accessed for new small businesses. Even small companies can sound like a large organization when a customer makes a call comes in, thanks to the many VOIP phone services providers.