Everything you need to know about Internet Contracts and Fees!


Let me be very blunt, telecom providers rarely advertise the prices one actually ends up paying. There are always hidden prices or loopholes in the packages for which one has to pay extra charges to enjoy the service at its best. Mostly these hidden charges are legit parts of the contracts and agreements. To counter this issue, we have come up with a document explaining everything there is to know about the Internet contracts and fees of general internet providers. The details will surely help you accumulate better awareness to your benefit.

So, here is a run down to the most common issues one encounters with the charges and contracts of an internet service provider.

Confused between Contract Vs Contract-Free Internet?

Well, most of the providers offer better prices when you go into a contract with them. There are several providers in the United States which offer internet, cable and phone services without any contract such as Spectrum. But then there are also telecom providers who don’t offer any service without a contract. And if an individual is not a permanent resident of the country then he/she may have to pay a little higher than the regular prices.

Well, in my opinion “contract service” can prove to be quite reasonable in the long run. This is particularly effective for the cable bundle deals. As we all know it is hard to nail down a reasonably priced cable package offering a great channel lineup. Well, usually such combination can only be found by getting into a contract with a telecom provider.

One should seriously consider contracting with some telecom provider if he/she plans to live at the same address for at least two years. The benefit of contracting with some provider is that the price hikes don’t affect your bill, rather your package stays the same as it was when you availed the service. However, one needs to be aware of the fact that breaching or breaking the contract can cost you hundreds of dollars in the name of an early termination fee. Many internet providers offer free termination within the first 15 days or so. After this period of time, if a customer wants to switch the provider he/she have to pay the early termination fee.

However, for renters and short term residents’ month to month offers are more feasible. No contract costs an extra $10 or so. If you plan on staying at the same place for a long period of time then this cost will continue to add-up with every pricing revision.

Equipment Fee

Most of the internet and cable TV users also avail modem/router, DVR and other hardware rental services from their providers. Each of these items comes with a monthly leasing fee (usually up to $15). These charges appear on your bill as a “technology fee” or “Equipment fee”. Technically speaking, the leasing fee, if amassed, can cost you more than the actual price of the router, modem, or DVR.

An efficient router can be purchased for about $300. Whereas, this additional equipment fee one pays to the provider goes way beyond $300 for a fairly incompatible router, modem or DVR. So, in order to cut the cost and increase efficiency, I would suggest you get a router of your own. This one-time investment will not only save you bucks but will also allow you to enjoy the internet at its best.

Installation charges

Installation charges are dependent on the wiring of your house and internet service provider. Getting internet or cable installed by a technician is usually better. But how can we save ourselves the installation fee if needed? The best and most effective way to save yourself installation fee is to check if the provider also offers self-installation kits. If your house is already equipped for their services, they will simply mail you a box containing a router and modem. You can conveniently plug in the modem and the router to get started with your internet connection.

If you are using your own router and modem, the provider can even set up the services for you remotely without mailing anything. You just have to provide them with the modem’s MAC address and the provider will set the internet activated. No mailing no nothing.

I hope the article proves to be of help to you all in seeking answers for the most common internet providers’ fees and contract queries.

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