Cruise the Indian Ocean in the Bali Islands


The holiday season is with us again. For those seeking last-minute plans, consider a cruise in the Indian Ocean from the islands of Bali.

Bali, in Indonesia, is one of the most beautiful destinations around the world. It consists of several islands surrounded by the clear waters of the Indian Ocean and a cruise here would be a great treat to you and your family and friends.

Here is a list of what to expect on a Bali island cruise.

Stay at 5-star hotels

One of the reasons that Bali is such a tourist attraction is the fact that you can enjoy your stay at award-winning five-star hotels. Ayana Hotels is the leading hospitality brand in the region and has numerous hotels in each of the islands surrounded by the Indian Ocean.

They offer high quality and professional service. You will get to enjoy local cuisine and even learn how to make some dishes. The hotel staff goes out of their way to ensure that everyone booked at their hotel is comfortable and enjoying themselves.

Cruise on a uniquely shaped boat

For most people, a cruise is an overcrowded mall floating on the waters for a week to a month. The Bali cruise tour, on the other hand, is a unique and intimate experience. Its main point of difference from ordinary cruises is the vessel that you will be cruising in.

This vessel is a boat designed in a traditional Balinese way to ensure your comfort and relaxation once you are boarded. It enhances intimacy in that it can only carry nine couples and ensures that its accommodation facilities carry two.

The Bali cruise tour boat is suitable for wedding parties or a group of friends who want to enjoy a few days and nights exploring the Indian Ocean.

Crystal clear ocean waters

Contrary to the many stories of pollution in the sea that we hear every day, the area of the Indian Ocean surrounding the Bali islands is clean and crystal clear. This is as a result of the local community and government efforts to protect the ocean as their source of food and livelihood.

Once the cruise begins, you can dive into the blue clear waters and have the time of your life. You will swim alongside rare fish species attracted to this clean part of the ocean. Swimming in the ocean and snorkeling with rare fish species and dolphins will be a great highlight of your Bali cruise tour.

Beautiful natural sights

Besides the vast ocean, you will also get to experience a new environment. There are numerous islands that you can visit during your Bali cruise tour. All the Bali islands are different and unique.

One is inhabited by endangered Komodo Dragons that are indigenous to this region. You can have the opportunity to visit the Komodo National Park to experience these lizards first-hand.

Another island you can visit in the period of your cruise is a hilly island known as Padar Island. It is best if you get there early in the morning for a refreshing thirty-minute hike. The view from the top of this island is glorious.

You can also get the opportunity to visit one of the dew beaches in the world to have pink sand.

As you can see, the Bali cruise tour is an opportunity to open your eyes to the many wonders of the world.

Great service in the boat

Ayana hotel, a leading five-star hotel brand is the organizer of the Bali cruise tour. The staff on the boats are Ayana staff. They are well trained and highly professional. You will enjoy high-quality food prepared by well versed Ayana hotel chefs.


A Bali cruise tour for this holiday is going to be a holiday treat to remember. Carry along your friends and family to share in the fun and joy that you will experience cruising the Indian Ocean.