Cisco 300-075 Exam – Build Up Your CCNP Collaboration Skills

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Cisco certifications are instrumental tools in most IT success stories. These are sought-after validations utilized by students and working professionals to step up their game. And of course, having a Ciscobadge is more than just skill validation. It’s a constructive way of advancing your career. By this, you get to enjoy a higher salary, job security, diverse career options, and more!

We bet you want to get all of these benefits. To make them true, you need to become Cisco certified and earn your CCNP Collaboration credential. From this post, you’ll know how to get this certification, what are the details of 300-075 exam and how to pass it easily by preparation with practice tests. Firstly, let’s see why the CCNP Collaboration is worth your choice.

Why Get the CCNP Collaboration?

Collaboration has a great impact on businesses. Often than not, it’s considered a necessity among big organizations because it improves communications, simplifies processes, and increases productivity. However, there are only a few certifications that will thoroughly support you with this technology.

The CCNP Collaboration is the most ideal authentication of your mastery in Cisco Collaboration features, along with Unified communications functionalities. With your advanced skills, you can accurately design, deploy, organize, and troubleshoot the required apps, networks, and devices. And the best thing about this Cisco CCNA 200-301 – 200-901 DEVASC – 350-401 ENCOR – 300-410 ENARSI dumps is that it highlights more on your technical proficiency, which means it’s focused on your job functions. This is valuable because you gain skills that you can use not just for your exam but also for your profession. Accordingly, with your validated skills, you deliver value and success to the business.

How to Obtain the CCNP Collaboration?

There is a particular certification path for every Cisco credential that you need to follow. So, before you are allowed to take your CCNP Collaboration, you must have valid CCNA Collaboration and pass the test 300-075 (CIPTV2) alongside three more exams. Exam 300-070 (CIPTV1) is the first part of testing your implementation skills related to IP telephony and video. The Cisco 300-080 test (CTCOLLAB) validates your troubleshooting abilities. And 300-085 (CAPPS), on the other hand, deals with how you effectively implement Collaboration applications.

However, your CCIE or CCDE credential can also serve as a prerequisite since these are expert-level Cisco certifications. With your CCIE Voice or CCIE Collaboration, there’s no need to take the other required exams; you will only need to pass one exam which is 300-075. But notice, that you have little time to sit for these exams and get the badge since they are going to be retired soon.

Why Cisco Exam 300-075 is Set to Be Retired? 

Certifications come and go. Most of them are only valid for 3 years, though there are some that last for a lifetime. The reason for their limited validity is because lots of IT trends are introduced year by year. And of course, it wouldn’t be beneficial for IT certification providers to offer the samecredentials for the next few years―not unless these credentials still have value to the industry. It’s important to keep up with the IT changes so your skills will be on par with the latest advancements.And for the Cisco 300-075, it will be retired in the near term to give way to its updated version and a new set of the CCNP Collaboration exams. 

CCNP Collaboration: Main Details and Preparation Tips

If you want to accomplish this certification before its retirement you should hurry up and firstly find out all the information about this credential and its related exams.Here are some of the essential things that you should take into account and a couple of useful preparation tips that will boost and speed up your preparation.

1Be aware of the exam outline

Certification exams vary from one another. And forexam 300-075, it is composed of around 50 to 60 questions. These are to be completed within 75 minutes. Since there’s no disclosure of the specific type of exam questions, you should ready yourself beforehand. Moreover, this exam is available in English only.

2See the official list of exam topics

The best reference you can use when prepping for your exam is the official list of objectives provided by Cisco for 300-075 assessment. They are LAN Switching Technologies (26%), Routing Technologies (29%), WAN Technologies (16%), Infrastructure Services (14%), and Infrastructure Maintenance (15%).

Give extra timeto comprehend the topics with a bigger percentage. However, don’t undervalue those minor areas because these are still part of the entire exam coverage. To ensure that you touch all subjects, create a timetable and follow it strictly.

3Study using various Cisco exam materials

Studying for a Cisco certification exam is made easier because Cisco itself provides a variety of prep materials. These range from training courses to online videos and more. Theirresources help you expand your understanding of Cisco Collaboration solutions. More than that, these materials are always updated so you only utilize the latest and most relevant references for your exam.

4Maximize to sharpen your skills

In case you can’t avail of the official practice test, relax because there’s something much more beneficial than you can use. ExamSnap ( has its own set of free practice tests that are provided in the form of the vce files. These files are acquired from exam takers who have completed their certification exams and share the actual questions and answers. As a result, you will be practicing with authentic tasks in a similar exam environment as the real test has which is possible due to the use of the VCE Exam Simulator. Also, to advance your preparation, you can purchase a Premium Bundle which is always more updated and verified by IT experts. For the Cisco 300-075 exam, it costs $34,99 and involves the premium practice test with 520 questions and answers and a 629-page study guide.


The CCNP Collaboration supports both professional and business goals. It is designed to improve decision-making in an organization by highlighting the importance of collaboration solutions. And through its exam 300-075 and three more required tests, you become a skilled professional who can expertly manage different Cisco Unified Collaboration functions, even in a multisite environment. So, decide now and prepare for your certification exam with reliable practice tests from to get certified before the credential’s retirement!