Residential Window Replacement Project – 4 Areas to Explore

double glazed windows

One look at the windows is all it takes to realize that they need to go. No amount of painting or repair will make them any more efficient. Don’t let the season slow you down. Replacing windows in Edmonton in winter has its benefits just like replacing them any other time of the year.

As you begin to put together the plans for a complete residential window replacement, start by addressing these four areas. Doing so will make working with the contractor a lot easier.

Making Decisions About the Window Style

Do you love the current window style? If so, that’s great! You can certainly choose to use the same style for the new windows. For homeowners who aren’t crazy about the present style, don’t think that you can’t change to something that’s more in line with your tastes.

If awning windows or casement windows are more to your liking, by all means talk with the contractor about those options. Most home designs can be outfitted with more than one window style. It’s up to you to decide which one would provide the look and the function that you prefer.

Opting for Double or Triple Pane Glass

Double and triple pane glass is the best way to boost the energy saving properties of those new windows. Both options create a more efficient barrier against whatever is happening outside. Less seepage through the glass translates into more control over the indoor climate. It also means reducing the wear on your HVAC unit and getting more years from the heating and cooling system.

To find the right windows, always ask about the U-Factor and the R-Value. These will tell you everything that you need to know about the heat resistance and the insulating properties. Look for windows that offer a lower U-Factor and a higher R-Value.

Having an Idea of the Costs Per Window

Many factors impact the cost of replacing windows. The style, any structural modifications that need to be made, the features you want, and several other elements will impact the price. To give you an idea of what to expect, window replacement costs on average $230-$525 per window. It’s a good idea to budget on the higher end of that scale. If the final quote ends up being lower than the budgeted amount, that’s all the better.

Scoping Out the Warranties and Guarantees

Always find out what sort of protections come with those new windows. Look first to the manufacturer warranty that comes with the windows proper. Do you believe that the provisions in the warranty will adequately protect you from any problems related to manufacturing defects? Is the duration of the warranty reasonable? If so, then you’re off to a good start.

Don’t overlook any guarantees that the contractor offers on the installation itself. Should an issue develop a few months down the road that has to do with how the windows were installed, your hope is that the guarantee offered by the contractor will cover the event. If you’re sure that the guarantee is comprehensive enough to provide enough protection, you’re ready to set a date for the new window installation.

Remember that the right windows will provide decades of service. Compare styles, materials, energy ratings, and protections carefully. A little research on the front end will pay off in terms of providing many years of excellent performance and looks.