10 Best Video Game Consoles for Kids in 2024


Xbox or Playstation is not the only video game console in the city. Others compete in this league. Continue reading to find out which video game systems will be the best in this year!

Video games can be enjoyable for the entire family, from the smallest tiny players to the most tech-savvy adolescents, and even the grownups who smuggle in their own playtime on occasion. If you’ve been keeping up with which video game consoles are best for numerous different ages and levels of wannabe video game gurus, you might be thinking if the system you desire is in stock.

Popular gaming stations, such as the Xbox series, are likely to be out of supply. And whenever it comes to children, it is always a good idea to be aware of various possibilities because they aren’t necessarily looking for the best 4K HD quality and just desire to have some entertainment.

Best Video Game Consoles for Kids

Spare yourself the hassle of looking for what your children desire as we have curated the list of the best video game consoles below suggested by our gaming experts. Let’s dive into them.

1PlayStation 5

The PS5 is feature-rich and provides one of the best quality gaming experiences available, owing to its very quick load times, clean and simple interface, breathtaking graphics thanks to 4K compatibility, and frame rates of up to 120 fps, and realistic 3D audio. Furthermore, the unique DualSense controls are very comfortable and simple to grasp, with increased gestures that let you to good feel what’s occurring in the play in your hands. The system also offers VR games and Blu-ray movies, as well as extensive parental controls.

PS5 games may be bought online or in physical copies. Many of those unique titles are more suitable for senior players, but the PS5’s large library means your kid can simply alter the games they enjoy as they grow, giving it a fantastic long-term investment.

2Microsoft Xbox One S

The Xbox One S powered by Microsoft comes with enticing features such as 1TB of memory, over 1,300 video games, and 4K (Ultra HD) Blu-ray and 4K streaming media. Xbox boasts a massive library of the top games for kids, teenagers, and families. Once they’ve mastered them, Xbox Live continues the fun rolling by allowing youngsters to compete with online peers and receive access to must-have applications like YouTube, Spotify, and many more.

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3Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch OLED took pleasure in becoming the go-to home gaming system for families and children. Because of its mobility, it is the indisputable champion. Operating the console in docked view is the same as using any other console. To play current kid-friendly video games such as Super Mario or Pokemon Legends, players can use the 2 Joy-Con controllers independently or as a faux pro controller.

Apart from this, Nintendo’s first-party exclusives, which feature Donkey Kong, and other popular ones, are what really preserve Nintendo alive, despite the fact that their consoles lag behind rival consoles in terms of strong hardware. After all, it doesn’t matter how wonderful a game looks if it’s not enjoyable to play. The OLED is the greatest Switch iteration, although the original model and Lite variants are still excellent.

4Razer Kishi V2

Young teens who use mobile phones may prefer a mobile gaming controller to a portable system since it is easier to transport and less visible. The Razer Kishi V gaming console includes two components, one for each end of a standard gaming gamepad. Each component effortlessly slips and grips onto the opposite side of your smartphone, thus transforming it into a typical handheld gaming device.

To provide more intuitive control while playing, the controller has interactive analog thumbsticks, functional controls, and an 8-Way directional pad. The controller is also responsive, providing minimal latency, and seamless gaming performance. Moreover, Razer Kishi V2 may be used to play games through the app store, but it is also cloud gaming compatible. This implies that the console may play PC and Xbox games that your teenager plays on their phone.

5Sony Playstation 4

You’ll be relieved to hear that the greatest 4K console, the Sony PlayStation 4 is still available. Even if they aren’t the hottest new stuff, PS4 game consoles are still among the finest. Tweens, adolescents, and experienced gamers will all be engrossed in titles like Super Heroes 2 or Dig 2, all of which are rated for all 10+. When the game is done, the entire family can join in on the fun. The console serves as the supreme entertainment unit owing to the PS store streaming platforms, which include freshly released films, Spotify songs, and also your favorite TV stations.

The added benefit is parental controls enable you to determine whether or not you want your children to utilize internet capabilities, as well as establish spending limitations on your wallet budget.

6SNES Classic Edition

Your kids may play all of your favorite old big Nintendo games like you recall them with the connector SNES Classic Edition. There’s also a CRT filter that mimics the appearance of your classic old TV. Playing ancient games on the SNES game console is far less irritating than it was two decades ago, thanks to the inclusion of a save-state mechanism.

When you’re ready to play with a friend, oldies like Super Mario or Street Fighter let you battle for bragging rights. Aside from the Nintendo Switch service, this video game system is also the only option to play Star Fox 2. You just have to complete the very first stage of the legendary Fox to unlock it, but once you start playing, it will be difficult to stop.

7Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch avoided the ongoing console armed conflict by altering not how, but where you use your system. A Switch is a dual gadget that connects to a TV but also functions as a portable. While the Nintendo Switch lacks the power to play the newest 4K HD games scheduled for next-generation video game consoles, it can run Doom at a steady 30 FPS everywhere, which is more than satisfactory for many gamers. 

Aside from new releases like Controlling, the Switch is an excellent platform for resurrecting modern classics. Furthermore, the Switch has an ever-expanding catalog of terrific video games such as Animal Crossing, in addition to excellent indies. Overall, it is an excellent companion console.

8Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

Fire Tablets are wonderful multimedia devices for reading magazines, watching TV and pictures, or even light gaming. The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is a good choice for a child-friendly edition of a mature device. First, and maybe most crucially, its robust silicone cover is designed to handle clumsy children. This video game system is loaded with parental restrictions, from mobile apps to which websites they’re permitted to view.

Each purchase includes a free year of subscription to Amazon Kids+, a library of kid-friendly material that includes ebooks, films, TV series, and now even games. However, at this price range, it could be more practical to simply get a normal Amazon Fire.

9Sega Genesis Mini

Some golden-age masterpieces can only be seen just on Sega Genesis. The Sega Genesis Mini includes 42 games, with 40 of them being Sega classics. The set contains a sleek, compact Sega Genesis system as well as two vintage controllers. The console is plug-and-play and comes with a USB charger and an HDMI cord.

The games are pretty much precisely as they were, except the console includes a save-anywhere feature, which is a huge time saver. Overall, whether you like Sega’s or Nintendo’s vintage system portfolio will primarily determine your choice. There are no bad options, as demonstrated by the notion that all these systems continue to generate buzz decades later.

10Steam Deck

The Steam Deck provides high-quality games on the move, allowing you to access a large number of titles accessible on Valve’s platform. It performs a remarkably fantastic job of displaying visually heavy games in a way that the Nintendo Switch cannot.

Aside from a diverse selection of titles pooled over your Steam profile, the Steam Deck provides plenty of control options, a clear UI, and fair pricing. We also can’t emphasize how pleasant it is to boot up the system and view all of the games you’ve purchased through Steam over the years. While not each game is suitable with the gadget, nearly every new release does, making it quite worth the investment.

Conclusion: How to select the finest Video Game Console for your kids?

Game consoles can provide a source of connection and cooperation for pals who are unable to meet in person. When deciding on the best games console to buy, consider who in the family will use it, the place it will be used, what it provides over other technology you already have and the sort of material you want your kids to have exposure to.

Based on all of these characteristics, you can choose any of the aforementioned video game consoles. We are confident that your child will appreciate your selection.

So that’s all there is to it for now! We hope you enjoyed our suggestions.

Which one was your favorite? Share that with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear that.