FFXI – How to Unlock New Characters?


FFXI (Final Fantasy XI) features a variety of different classes in both basic and advanced categories, and the number says it all. It features six basic and twenty advanced classes. You can unlock these classes by doing certain quests and by meeting requirements. For beginners, unlocking their favorite class is difficult as they have no idea what the requirements are. Below is a guide to unlocking new characters in FFXI.


To unlock the Astrologian character, you will have to complete the quest named Stairway to the heavens. You need to hit level thirty to unlock this character. FF11 Gil is a crucial in-game currency required for everything.


Complete the quest named “A song bards and bowmen at New Gridania as an Archer. The minimum level requirement is thirty, and you need to complete all the class quests. It is the first choice of beginners.

3Black Mage

To unlock Black Mage, go to Uldah and find an NPC near the Steps of Naled and take a quest called Taking the Black from him. Previously, you needed to be a level thirty Thaumaturge. No matter what you do, you will start as a Thaumaturge and work your way towards becoming a black mage.

4Blue Mage

To kick off the process of unlocking blue mage, meet an NPC named Zealous Leatherjacket at Limsa lower decks. He will give you a quest named out of the blue. It is avoided by many players because it is a limited job, and you won’t be able to upgrade it to the max level.


You can go to limsa lower decks and get the Shall we Dance quest from the Eager Lominsan non-playing characters. The dancer class is from the original Shadowbringer expansion. You will need to upgrade a disciple of magic character or a disciple of war character to level sixty-first, and afterward, you can start the process of becoming a dancer in FFXI. Became a dancer but still can’t achieve the new height of success? Buy FFXI Gil to upgrade your gear and try again later.

6Dark Knight Buy FFXI Gil

To become the knight of the dark, complete the Our End quest at the pillars as a level fifty disciple of magic or disciple of war character. Reaching level fifty will take some time, so you can start with some other classes as well, such as Marauder and Gladiator. The leveling of a dark knight starts at level thirty, which means you have to grind for the max level again.


Before unlocking the dragoon class, you will have to upgrade the lancer class to level thirty and complete all the quests of the classes. Once you have reached this target, the next step is to complete a quest called Eye of Dragon.


The name of the official quest to unlock the gun breaker class is Makings of a Gun breaker. You will meet Quiver bow of god at New Gridania to unlock the character. The start leveling gun breaker is level sixty, so you don’t have to upgrade it all the way from the start. Gun breaker uses guns the most, and the name says it all.


The savior of sky steel is a quest that can be found at the foundation. Before this, you need to have a level fifty disciple of magic or a disciple of war. There are only three classes in the entire game that reduces your level to thirty. This means you will have to work extra hard to level up the machinist.


Brother from Another mother is the official quest that you will have to complete to unlock the monk class. It can be found at the Steps of Nald in Uldah. Become a pugilist from the start and try to upgrade to level thirty, as well as also complete all the class quests.


If you want to sneak at enemies from the dark and kill them silently, ninja class is for you. You can unlock it by completing a quest called Peasants by Day and ninjas by night. This quest can be activated from the lower decks of limsa. To convert to ninja later, start your journey as a rouge and upgrade it to level thirty. You also have to complete all the class quests related to rouge first.


The pledge of Paladin is the official quest to unlock the Paladin class. This quest is available at the steps of that Uldah. Start as a gladiator and complete all the class quests to upgrade the character to level thirty. Once level thirty is reached, complete the quest. MMOpixel will refund your payment for the order if you apply for a refund before the order is placed.