Do Anti Barking Collars Really Work? – No-bark Dog Collar


A dog bark isn’t always as bad as his bit, but if your dog is constantly barking then that may be a different story, a dog barks for many reasons, it’s hungry it’s thirsty, it wants to be walked, it hears another dog off in the distance.

But if your beloved pooch seems to be barking for no reason at all, then it might be time for you to take matters into your own hands, there are countless training courses available for you to try some are free, and some are not but all of them will require time and patience, you must remember that your dog thinks everything is a game and unless you and your dog are dedicated enough to see the training through very little will come from all the effort and exertion.

In recent years we have seen a number of innovations in the stop that dog barking field, some I have to say work better than others, some cost more than other, They all work around the same principle of a special collar being attached to your dog’s neck. This is where the choice and variety steps in.

There are three main types of anti barking collars:

  • The static collar
  • The sonic collar
  • The Spray collar

Each of the Anti barking devices has their own set of pros and cons, of which we will get into a little later, but for now I will give you the basic premise behind each.

The Static collar

This is the oldest of the 3, and is my least favorite of the 3 collars, as it basically electrocutes your dog every time it barks, not only that, but the shock is sent straight into the throat of the dog, which must be unbelievably painful, and you must remember that there are instance when we want the dog to bark, if someone is trying to rib your house it’s not much good to have a dog that is afraid to bark because of the shock it will get if it does so. Another problem with the static collar is that it can be set off when other dogs start barking. Again zapping your poor pooch and this time the dog has done nothing wrong. I consider these collars as the brute force approach where you are trying to bully the dog into not barking instead of trying to train the dog not to bark.

The sonic collar

The sonic dog collar uses high pitch frequencies which are triggered once the dog begins to bark, The pitch for most of these collars is so high that humans are unable to hear it, whereas the dog and nay dog in the vicinity can hear it only well, the sound give off by this collar clearly irritates the dogs, and they will soon learn to associate this sound to their barking, If you have a problem with your neighbors dog barking more powerful remote units are available which will help to put a stop the bark of this dog also.

The spray collar

The cheapest, most widely available and popular of all the anti barking collars, are the spray collars, these work on the simple premise that when the dog barks a spray is shot up around the dogs muzzle area, this tends to take the dog by surprise, and as we all know that dogs are very inquisitive and have a very short attention span, the dog will then try and figure out just exactly where the spray has come from and forgets totally but barking and most probably what he was barking at. The most common spray used is the citronella spray which most k9’s have a serious dislike of.

Anti barking collars make for an excellent training aid, and you will find within a very short period that the dogs begin to benefit from using the best anti bark collar. One final piece of advice is to take notice of the dog’s surroundings and especially anything that may encourage the dog to bark, if you can identify a potential cause, please try and illuminate this to see if this has a positive effect on your dog.