7 Best Strategies to Promote Your Shopify Store & Get More Traffic

Shopify Experts

Do you want to earn more from your Shopify Store? You must follow effective ways promote your Shopify store to drive traffic and lead more sales.

With so many people stuck inside this past year, it should come as no surprise that online stores running on E-commerce platforms like Shopify have seen massive sales growth. And perhaps you realized after buying so much stuff yourself that it should be you on the receiving end of some of these transactions.

So you built a brand, set up a storefront, and thought of a catchy domain. You have the winning products and the sleek design, now if only people could see the fruits of your labor.

7 Killer Strategies to Promote Shopify Store

If you’re wondering to promote your Shopify store then let’s see how a professional Shopify marketing company drives traffic. Also read on for seven fantastic ways you can send consistent, ready-to-buy traffic to your Shopify store.

1Search engine optimization 

Search engine optimization, better known as SEO (because everything needs an acronym to sound cool), helps get your store on the first few page results for Google or other search engines. The good news is that Shopify will take care of a lot of this for you, but there are steps you can take to get in Google’s good graces.

Use Google Keyword Planner to figure out what potential customers are searching for, then work that into your branding and copy. Your site’s ease of navigation and user interface are two more things you can use to ensure your page aims high, as it convinces shoppers to spend more time on your site, which Google will take into account for their overall ranking.

2Content Marketing

Content marketing, which not only improves your SEO but also drives traffic from other sources, involves communicating value and expertise to your target audience. Content marketing can be anything from a social media post declaring a limited-time sale or a podcast for developing your brand’s voice.

Blogs are a great medium for content marketing, and studies show you should add to them two or three times a week if you go that route. Show your audience how your product can solve their problem and do it in a way that resonates with them. Writing powerful blog articles can drive excellent top-funnel traffic to your site.

3Email Marketing

Once you’ve brought someone new to your site, it’s crucial to follow up with them using email so that they’ll come back for more. Email allows you to get personal by tailoring your message to fit different types of customers. Write your emails to build trust and add value and not just to sell more products. 

You can exchange one of your content marketing tools, say, an e-book, for a shopper’s email address, adding them to a long list of people to whom you can send promotional campaigns and offers.

4Promotional Materials

So, how should you use promotional materials to drive traffic to your store? First, clarify your goal and whether or not your budget can attain it. After that, advertise the campaign on all of your social platforms and Shopify itself.

As for logistics, ensure that your store’s backend is ready to handle a large influx of sales if the promotion is a big winner. Finally, make sure that the promotion’s copy and design are as specific to your ideal customer as possible.


Give influencers the chance to do what they do best—influence people to buy your products. With the number of sales they’ve generated for reputable brands like Nordstrom, it’s the age of the influencer, and you should consider working with one to expand your reach. Use these filters to confirm that an influencer is a good match for you and your business.

First, look for influencers with very targeted audiences in a similar niche as your own. Then ask them about deals they’ve done in the past, and have them show proof of getting the desired result. And, so that your message never falls on bots and abandoned accounts, make sure the influencers in your network have engaged audiences with whom they interact often.

6Social Media

No list of tips about online marketing would be complete without a dedicated paragraph on social media. Assuming you’re a young business just getting started, we recommend that you start with one social media platform rather than spreading yourself too thin with a weak presence on all of them. Facebook is a great marketing tool because it gives you the ability to share different types of content. 

It also dominates the E-commerce scene, with two-thirds of Shopify visits from social media originating from Facebook. Other quality candidates include Instagram, which is good for capturing trends, or Pinterest if your product mainly appeals to women.


While you can do some of the other ideas on this list for free, this one will require a budget, but it’s worth it. You can take advantage of the pay-per-click advertising offered by Google, Facebook, and Instagram, to pay in exchange for traffic to your website.

Pay-per-click, also referred to as PPC, is a necessary piece of your sales funnel if you want to maximize traffic and leave no stone unturned in your mission to share your product with as many people as possible.