Top 10 Best Modern Apps for College Students

Group of young people using digital tablet and smart phone

Technology has definitely given people a lot of help and benefits, especially in completing tasks easily and speedily. People can use programs, gadgets and applications when doing things that are needed for their daily work, tasks and activities. If you are a college student, you will find these modern apps very helpful in making your life a lot easier and make your college life more fun and happier. Using the best modern apps for college students can be helpful with their school works, time management, budget management and activity organization.

The Best Modern Apps for College Students


If you are a college student with hectic and stressful activities and calendar, then this app is perfect for you. This app will help you keep track of your schedules in school like upcoming exams, quizzes, homework, projects and others. It will help you manage your time so that no deadlines will be missed.

2StudyBlue Flashcards

If you feel that flashcards help you memorize lessons better and faster, then you should get this app. It will give you flashcards you need for your studying. It provides all flashcards, no matter what topic or subject you need. This will help make review and memorizing a lot faster and easier which will make acing the exams possible. Mobile Apps

Every student needs a dictionary. Gone are the days when you needed to carry a thick and heavy dictionary for your schoolwork. These days, mobile dictionary apps are the best way to be a student. The best thing about this app is that it is not just about vocabulary and its meanings. It also offers synonyms, antonyms and everything you need for that writing task in school. These phone apps will help you when you tell your friends ‘please write my paper for me’.


There will always be school tasks that require students to do copy-paste work. This app will make the task so much easier and faster to do. It can store as many entries as you can and will cut the completion time.

5Dragon Dictation

This is definitely among the apps for college students. When they are working on a paper work, they wish they can just tell the computer to type in their ideas so things can easily finish. With this app, students can just keep talking about their ideas, and it will do the typing.


Mint will be your guide to your budget and spending. It helps you keep track of bills and payments. It will also remind you of payables near its due date. With this app, you will never forget about paying bills and running out of cash.

7Sleep If You Can Alarm

This is probably among the most useful apps that college students need. It is basically an alarm clock, but how it wakes you up will surely put your feet going. It is annoying and loud making you get out of bed. College students will need this, especially if they are staying up late at night and still have an early class the next day. Keep in mind that this is branded as the most annoying alarm clock and it will surely be a big help for students.


Yes, Twitter is very useful for students when used moderately and correctly. It can connect with classmates and friends. This connection can get ideas for home works and projects. But it can also help in releasing a few stresses and troubles that the student has obtained from all the school work they have done for the day. It is a way to be relaxed and to have fun with friends.

9Circle of 6

Safety is still a priority even if you are in college. This app will connect you to six of your most trusted and closest people. They will get a message in case you are in trouble or need help. This will connect to quick rescue, especially when there are unsafe situations that you get into.


If ever you feel unconfident with your writing abilities, you can tap Grammarly to check your work. It will help you make well-written paper work like an essay, reports and written projects. This will correct grammar, spelling, structure and readability.

There are a lot more other apps for college students that they can check out and use. These apps aim to make college and student life a bit easier as everyone knows that college is always busy, difficult and expensive. All the apps listed above will help in all the aspects of being in college. There are apps that manage schedules, finances, time and even school work and lessons. The existence of these apps will help students feel less burdened with school work and busy schedules.

The best thing about these modern tools is that they are phone apps. This means that students can access it even on their mobile phones, making it more useful and easy to use. Today, the use of mobile phones has been extremely needed and being able to use the apps on your phone will make college life a bit easier to get by.

Some apps are being bought, but most of them are a minimal amount only. Students can afford to get the apps as it may give them expense, but the benefits that it can give them is so much more than what they have spent. There are also free trials that some websites and apps offer which will allow the students to try it before purchasing or signing up.

Aside from apps, students can also look for programs, websites and gadgets that will be most useful for them with their school work, tasks and activities. Websites that help get paper works done quickly and easily are available nowadays. These are the things that will keep college life fun and enjoyable despite the busyness and hassles.