Take City Kids to the Country with Farm Animal Toys

Farm Animal Toys

Living in the city can be a fun way for children to grow up; they experience the lights, sounds and hustle of urban life. There’s always something to do and someone to meet. One downside to this life for kids is a lack of connection to the rural world. Farming and agriculture are pillars of modern society, yet children in the city aren’t exposed to these things. Using farm animal toys and a little creativity can help them learn while inspiring them to love nature a bit more.

Ways To Learn With Farm Animal Toys

In their early years of development, children learn by handling objects and telling stories. Introducing farm animal figurines allows them to explore the world those creatures live in, even if they can’t visit a farm. You can use a few different methods to teach with animal toys.

Find Figurine Versions of Their Favorite Characters

Children are exposed to cartoon versions of farm animals through television, movies and books. If they show special interest in a particular animal, a pig for instance, get them a figurine version of that animal.

Create a Miniature Farm

To dive deeper into your child’s agricultural education, help them set up their little farm with farm animal figurines. Let them pick their favorite mix of chickens, goats and cows and talk to them about where each animal needs to live on the farm, what they need to eat and the care they require. It’s a fun way to teach your child about responsibility and hone their reasoning skills.

Write a Play With Their Favorite Farm Animals

Some children have a natural inclination for story-telling and make-believe and farm animal figurines can stimulate your child’s imaginative tale. Help them create a cast of farm animals and send them on an adventure. Maybe the animals have to save one of their own or they all find a way to travel to space.

During all of these activities, you get a chance to watch your child learn, improve their critical thinking and embrace their imagination. If you’re able, you can even work toward taking your child to visit their favorite farm animal in real life, nurturing their interest in nature. After playing with realistic farm toys, your child will be excited to see how the real cow or horse compares and more inspired to learn about animals.

Grow Your Child’s Mind With Farm Animal Toys

Integrating education with play is a smart way to support your child’s development. As you work to expand their knowledge, it’s important to teach about farms and where our food comes from. Even if you’re in the city, you can use realistic farm animal toys to inspire your child to learn about all of the critters that make up a farm.