Affordable Measures to Boost Your Home Security

home security

We all want our homes to be impregnable havens that turn unwanted guests away. The only problem is that advanced home security measures are outside most people’s budget. However, struggling with a shoestring budget should never make you compromise on home security.

After all, there are many cheap and easy alternatives that do the trick and make your home burglar-resistant. Rest assured that you don’t need a cutting-edge security system and a truckload of gadgets to repel burglars. We present you with some tried-and-true methods that will not make you break the bank or lose your nerve.

Know your enemy

The ultimate objective is to make your home a less attractive target for thieves, burglars, and other wrongdoers in the first place.

To make it happen, get familiar with the way burglaries play out and what the common entry points are. First, remember that a typical burglar is actually a teen from around the neighborhood, not some professional master thief. It is also crucial to understand that burglars seek homes that seem to be unoccupied.

This is due to the fact that in case there is someone around, the ensuing crime may no longer qualify as burglary. So, if your space seems to always have someone around, you will be able to thwart most attempts. There are many tricks to pull this off.

Small steps make a big difference

Make sure all entry points are locked, especially the front, garage, basement, and back doors and the first-floor windows. Invest in motion-sensitive exterior and programmable interior lights with timer switches. Illuminate the whole perimeter and trespassers will be left without their natural allies: shadows and darkness.

Likewise, use random timers to turn on and off your radio and TV during the hours you are away. Stop newspaper and mail delivery while on vacation to avoid those telling piles at the front door. If you have two cars, always keep one in the driveway. Schedule home maintenance and gardening services during prime theft hours.

A dog is always a dreaded sight for burglars, so consider getting one. If not, you can still put a “beware of dog” sign that is enough to deter most thieves. In addition, ask neighbors to check on your home every now and then. All these affordable tactics make it seem like your home is never vacant.

Put a security system in place

Of course, a dedicated home security system always pays off. Properties that include these features are three times less likely to be broken into. That being said, in order to deter burglars, your system does not even have to work or be real. That is why so many homeowners who want to ramp up security on a budget often put up fake surveillance cameras or old computer webcams.

In case you do want the real deal, do your research and shop around for best products and systems. It is also a good idea to have someone maintain them or provide emergency response. You should be able to find local services, such as this qualified locksmith from North Ryde that provides affordable home security measures such as alarm monitoring and lock maintenance.

Cover all the bases

Furthermore, note that burglars tend to shy away from homes that take more than 60 seconds to break into. To increase that potential time, you can mount deadbolt locks, bars on windows, and pins in sash windows. Reinforcing the entry points goes a long way towards increasing the overall security of the property.

It goes without saying that you should avoid unintentionally aiding thieves and burglars in any way. Thus, make sure to clear any shrubs and trees around your house. This will deny criminals cover they need in order to go about their clandestine business.

Finally, prepare for the worst case scenario — someone actually breaking into your home. Burglars never like to spend too much time inside. Make their operation harder by hiding all your valuable possessions. And if you want to play a trick on a burglar, leave an old laptop on the table and install tracking software. Leave the rest to the police.

On the safe side

When improving home security, most of the proactive measures come down to perception. Namely, you need to give an impression that someone is always at home. To foster this illusion, develop a deeper understanding of how burglars operate and make their job more difficult, if not borderline impossible.

Be smart about your security methods. Small, everyday steps add up and make your property a much less enticing target. Multiple layers are always better than one and a fake camera is better than no camera at all. You should be able to achieve the much-needed peace of mind and protect your property and belongings.