Home Guide For Beginners: Make Your Regular Home a Smart Home – 2019


With the entire world going smart, it is fair for you to pour some knowledge into it and make your own home a smart one. With the advancement of technology, human intervention has lowered down to a great extent, especially in the commercial sector. Fortunately, the creative world is not restricted to the industrial sector, and you can easily bring it to your doorstep. On that note, let us take a look at how you can make your regular house a smart home from scratch.

What Do You Mean By Smart Home?

Before diving straightaway into the details of converting your house into a technologically operated smart home, let us first understand what a smart home is. A home in which most of the appliances are connected via a wireless network and the users can control them regardless of whether they are in the house or not is known as a smart home. Well, there is a lot more to it, but this is the gist of the entire concept. Let us now understand the details of turning a regular home into a smart home.

Diving Into The Details

Imagine returning from a hectic and hot day at the office and to welcome you at home is a fully air-conditioned and a dim lit soothing room. Sounds like a dream, right? Not anymore! The smart home technology is now at your constant beck and call, catering to all your needs and even going one step further than that. Let’s see how you can begin the transformation.

Lighting and Temperature

There are many aspects in the technological renovation of your place. But first, we are going to take a look at the important ones that are highly used. Smart bulbs can be programmed according to the user’s mood and convenience. Study keenly in the bright white light or lull on your bed at night in bluish green dim light; a smart bulb has got all covered.

You can also install a system that modifies your existing lighting arrangement — no need to worry if you forgot to turn off the lights while leaving home. You can accomplish the same using your smartphone.

Security Factor

One of the most critical factors determining the safety of the residents of a house is security. Smart technology can enable you and your family members to keep an eye on the trespassers. The installation of security cameras in homes is also a big relief to working mothers who want to keep a watch on their little kids.

Door Monitors and Motion Sensors

With smart door monitors, you don’t have to be apprehensive before opening your doors as you can already witness who is at the door beforehand. The motion sensors enable home residents to monitor the footsteps before a person even approaches the door. Moreover, if you are not at home and someone familiar is standing at the door, you can let them in with the smart door.

Fire and Pipeline Safety

You don’t have to wreck your nerves over an unexpected fire or a pipeline burst. Smart smoke detectors can help you avoid fire hazards at an initial stage. If you smarten up your plumbing supplies or washing machine, say goodbye to the fear of a pipeline burst. Regular fire alarms and smoke detectors are of no use if no one is at home. Even though their alarm sound is pretty loud, the practicality is almost null.

When you sync smart alarms to your mobile device, they can send an automatic alert message on your smartphone. You can also sync other contacts such as your relatives and neighbors so that they can aid in curbing the danger at an initial level in case you are far away. In case you are at home, these alarm systems can also turn on safety lights to help you exit an unpleasant situation.

Home Cleaning

Conventional home cleaning agencies or housekeepers charge quite a lot for fully maintaining your house. But they have a limited work capacity. Moreover, they charge extra for over time. So, to replace that with a one-time investment that can yield fruitful results throughout your life, you can opt for smart trashcans and smart vacuum cleaners.

The dustbins have little suction holes at the bottom that act as a vacuum for dirt and grit in the nearby area. Plus the cap of the bin opens as soon as someone’s footsteps approach. Thanks to the motion sensors, you don’t have to manually open the cover with one hand while holding the waste in another. Smart vacuum cleaners are phone operated and can clean your entire house without any human intervention.

Smart Irrigation

If you have a garden, it is your responsibility to take good care of it. Although due to the hectic schedules, it is not always feasible for homeowners to provide the appropriate maintenance to the lush areas. Smart irrigation systems can help you in keeping your lawns and plants freshly moisturized. A built-in app can serve well as the systems can usually get complicated.

Audio Systems

Now, you can count this one as a luxury but installing smart multiple-room audio systems can come in real handy if wish to sync the sound system to your collection. You can also improve your movie experience by maintaining a level of quality as far as the sound is concerned.

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You can easily compile all the above facilities if you are inclined to turn your house into a full-fledged smart home. It efficiently streamlines the entire house space and enhances the comfort level in the lives of house residents. They hype about smart stuff isn’t as profound as it seems to be on the outside. Living in a techno-friendly way adds a modern touch to your lifestyle. When it comes to revamping a place with technology, people usually think that it is a costly affair, But if you go about it judiciously, a single investment can provide you with fruitful results throughout your life.