7 Tricks to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Great


Most of us want to have a big bedroom with a walk-in closet, a king size bed, big windows inviting ample amount of natural light, sufficient storage space to store everything and still some space should be left. Living in metro cities compels us to live in small apartments as the apartments with more floor space are really expensive to both buy as well as rent.

If you are also settling in a small bedroom, fret not. There are a lot of ways to make the room look big and great. Here is a list of tricks that you can use to make even the tiniest bedrooms look bigger and brighter:

Paint the Bedroom in Stripes

There is scientific proof that stripes make anything look bigger. You must have noticed the fact that wearing a shirt or t-shirt with vertical stripes makes you look wider. Striped patterns on wall work in the same way where vertical stripes give an illusion of a wide room and horizontal stripes make the wall look slimmer, creating the effect of a high ceiling.

Use Mirrors

Cleverly angled mirrors reflect light in the perfect way creating the impression of height and depth. You can use mirrors on the door of your closet and make them go to the ceiling to create an effect of increased space. Also, if a mirror is placed near a window, it gives a sense of extra space for a small room.

Natural Light

Natural light improves the sense of space. If paired properly with mirror and light-coloured walls, it improves the sense of space, which can be noticed right away. Apart from everything, natural light also balances the dimensions of the room.

Wall Storage

Putting shelves on the wall will increase the perception of having depth in the room. Apart from this, wall storage also saves space in the room. You can also place the wall storage strategically to create a focal point so that the people who enter get distracted by the storage unit and the focus is more on the wall storage unit.

Indoor Plants

A couple of indoor plants placed in the corner of the room do increase the space of any room as they de-clutter the air increasing the sense of open space. Also, any small room requires a lot of fresh air to make the people living there less claustrophobic, which is a purpose served by the indoor plants as they give out fresh oxygen, taking in the carbon dioxide.

Keep the Furniture Low to the Ground

Keep away from the tall tables, chairs, bed and headboard. If you keep the furniture low to the ground, you will be able to notice the space above and the walls will look cleaner, creating the impact of high ceilings. Keeping the furniture low will make the room look and feel brighter and bigger.

Use Smaller Lamps

Instead of having one light source illuminating the whole room, keep several small lamps throughout the room. This will draw the eyes throughout the room, creating a sense of extra space. Apart from this, smaller lamps will make the room look aesthetically amazing.

Do not worry if you have a small bedroom; just follow the above steps and make your bedroom look and feel amazing.