12 Kitchen Accessories You Must-Have in [year]


Nothing is more satisfying than a meal prepared from your kitchen. Being in control of the ingredients as well, and taking the time to cook with love is very valuable. So, what kitchen accessories should you have to boost your culinary arts? Read on.

What to Consider When Selecting Your Kitchen Accessories Collection

For a team to win a match, the best players should be on the pitch. It’s the same case with cooking – for you to have a successful meal, you need to have the best tools. There are many kitchen accessories and gadgets that you can find out there, but what do you need to consider when it comes to picking out the best among those?

The issues to put to account revolve around:

  • The durability of the tool;
  • How many purposes it can serve;
  • The worth in terms of price and usage;
  • Material and quality of the accessory;
  • The overall performance and service you expect from the gadget.

The 12 Essential Kitchen Accessories

Below, we will list the best choices of kitchen accessories that you shouldn’t miss on your cabinet.

Non-stick Frying Pan

The main point of getting these kitchen accessories everyone needs is the fact that they serve various purposes. You can use the non-stick frying pan to stir fry, shallow fry, prepare different dishes, to cook under a brick, make the dipping sauce, mix up foods, and warm food. The benefit of the pan is that it’s firm, durable, and doesn’t allow food that cooks quickly, e.g., fish and eggs, to stick on it. The material used is steel, and it can serve you over a long period. With a few dollars, you can get the size that you want, and you’ll be good to go.


How would you even survive without a knife in your kitchen? They are must-have kitchen accessories that will be of excellent service to you. A knife can be utilized in multiple ways, from cutting, dicing, slicing, to chopping ingredients. Depending on the size and brand that you want, blades are also able to butcher meat and mince ginger and cloves. Knives come in different sizes, shapes, and brands, and each has its sole purpose, and some even have teeth on them to achieve various forms on what you’re working on.

Measuring Spoons and Cups

In all the kitchen accessories names, these tools will never miss. How do you get proportions when you’re working on an unknown recipe? Measuring cups are mainly used for measuring flour, rice, water, milk, and all the ingredients, whether dry or wet, required in large amounts. On the other hand, measuring cups specializes in getting the exact amount of spices, vanilla extract, seasoning, etc. These tools come in handy to ensure that your meals are well balanced.

Cutting Board

If you want a proper working station, then a cutting board will make it to your kitchen accessories cheap selection, and there’s a lot you can do on them. From prepping your ingredients to acting as supports for your butchering and also getting meals ready (cutting different shares during serving). They come in a variety of materials, but the most common ones are wooden and plastic.

Food Processor

Food processors make life easier when it comes to mixing ingredients. Whether it’s wet or dry, whether it’s raw or cooked, hot or cold, the food processor still does its work to perfection. It eases your work, especially if you want to blend different spice levels into a uniform texture. Ensure you get the best one to achieve the best results.


‘Utensils’ is a collective term for kitchen accessories with the price difference. The different kinds of utensils include spoons (and there is a wide range of spoons), forks, whisks, a peeler, spatula, tongs, rolling pin, and meat mallet. These are the ones to include in your arsenal. Each utensil has its use, and getting each of high quality will give you the best result over time.


Bowls have many different uses in a kitchen:

  • You can store your food.
  • You can serve on a dining table in bowls.
  • You can put your ingredients in them while prepping.
  • You can make your salad in them.
  • You can mix your pasta and sauce still in bowls.
  • Set other kitchen accessories such as spoons in bowls during serving.


If you’re a fan of baking, then you’ll love this section of kitchen accessories. Bakeware is inclusive of a baking pan to bake your cake, a glass baking dish for mixing your ingredients, a pizza pan to make your pizza, and a roasting pan for cooking meat. You can comfortably use either of these kitchen accessories modern inventions to ensure that you better your baking skills.

Storage Containers

Storage containers are a huge deal in the kitchen. They store everything that might go bad or those that are not perishable. You can get them of different shapes, heights, or have these kitchen accessories in red, blue, grey, or any other preferred color. They are great for dry ingredients such as spices, cereals, pasta, rice, coffee, etc.


Blenders come in handy in the kitchen in various ways. The only difference between the blender and a food processor is that the latter is useful in grinding dry foods, while a blender is good with liquids. You can make smoothies or fruit juices comfortably with a quality blender.


The essence of having a strainer is to primarily ensure that you drain the water from your pasta easily. You can as well use the filter to comfortably wash your vegetables on the sink without worrying if they’ll dry fast.


A thermometer is usually used to monitor the temperature in cooking specific meals such as in baking meat or grilling them. This way, you’ll neither overcook nor undercook your dish.


Having the essential kitchen accessories will guarantee you a great experience in your cooking exploration. They will ensure that you meet the required needs and also offer you the services you need. The crucial part of purchasing the accessories is to ensure that you get a fair price of each tool but don’t settle for less when it comes to the quality.

What cooking accessories are your favorite? Why do you say so? Leave a comment!