Top 5 Best Places in the World to Visit When Traveling Solo

solo travelers

Traveling alone can be perceived as a dangerous thing, but it’s one of the most liberating and exciting experience you ought to try at least once in your lifetime. If you’ve always wanted to go visit a local beach or visit Bali but can never find someone to come with, take this as an opportunity to pack your bags and travel solo.

We may have already gone past the first quarter of the year, but you still have a lot of time to plan your next travel adventure. And this time, fulfill your lifelong dream of embarking on a journey by yourself.

More and more travelers are hopping in on the solo route. So if you do push through with this, you’re most likely to find yourself in the company of a group of solo travelers. And with a lot of places to see, we’ve listed here five of the best destinations for solo travelers.


To kickstart your solo traveling journey, why not visit the go-to destination for lone travelers? Thailand is known for safely accommodating solo travelers year after year, and with their wonderful nature, gastronomic food, and picturesque sceneries to offer, it’s not difficult to see why. Plus, going there isn’t cheap but you can certainly afford it and it’s fairly easy to get around the country with public transportation.

South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful, vast land that offers multitude views and a handful of activities to do. You can kickstart your itinerary in Cape Town, a destination well-known for its natural setting and activities fit for adrenaline junkies. From west, traverse your journey to the east. You won’t regret exploring this picture-perfect land.


Taiwan is a haven of mouthwatering food, history, rich culture, night markets, and modernity among others. If you ever get an opportunity to snag affordable airfare en route to Taiwan, do not let it pass. One great thing here that is a major attraction for solo travelers is the signs are all translated in English.

Public transportation is easy and you won’t have a problem asking for directions since the citizens can understand English and are very accommodating. If you need more convincing, we doubt that but just to put you at more ease, Taiwan is a solo-travel friendly land and one of the safest in the world you can visit.


Japan is probably on everybody’s list of countries to visit before they die. It’s not surprising since the nation has a lot on the table to offer their visitors, one of which is their sumptuous food, which is enough in itself to convince you to visit.

Aside from Tokyo Disneyland, Japan has to offer modernity and technologically advanced attractions/features. Their monorail makes it a breeze to travel from one place to another, they have countless spots you can stroll to, and quite frankly, Japanese hospitality is one of a kind.   

New Zealand

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a massive Tolkien fan, however, that would certainly make the experience of visiting the land of the hobbits a next-level experience.

New Zealand gives travelers 360 degree, picture-perfect sceneries that looks almost as if they’re a work of art by Bob Ross. there are a handful of fun and extreme activities you can try here namely skiing, bungee jumping, parasailing, horseback riding, and the works. The land is massive and you’ll never ran out and get tired of the views you see left and right.

Planning your first or next solo travel trip? Share your best solo travel destinations and tips down below!