7 Interesting Things To Know About Vietnamese Culture


Vietnam is a beautiful country that has a rich history and heritage. The traditions of the country date back to thousands of years. There is a deep sense of respect when you talk about the native people here. Vietnamese culture is very enriching. There is a deep respect for the land, the sea and their ancestors. If you are embarking on Vietnam tours, it is interesting to note some of the nuances related to its enriching culture.

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Trust Needs To Be Earned

Vietnamese people do not trust easily. Typically when people come to this country, they have the perception that you give the price, and they deliver. The business culture here is not that simple. It is based on trust and reputation that needs to be earned. Words that are in legal documents are like gold dust. Until and unless you are entirely aware of your partner, there is always a suspicion going around. Trust is such a thing that it takes years to build, but it gets destroyed within seconds.

Everyone is Concerned About Their Reputation

Vietnamese people care a lot about their reputation. The most important thing for them is how their family, friends and colleagues perceive them. Utmost care needs to be taken to ensure that there is no embarrassment in the general public. This includes arguing, confronting, bantering, or even ridiculing in an overly aggressive manner. This is the very reason due to which you will hardly find any occurrence of violent outbursts in the country. Everyone here is so non-aggressive. The reason being, aggression on any part will make them lose face, which is a big thing in the country. In most cases, a stern glance is more than enough.

Academics are Critical for Professional Success

When it comes to student life in Vietnam, it can get too harsh for them. The job market in the country is highly competitive, and so young people are always fighting for their spot of the limelight during their academic life. There are amazing opportunities, especially with the booming economy; however, a lot of hard work is required for it. This means spending long hours at schools and extra classes at night – especially English, which has been made mandatory for graduating from higher education.

Elders Earn Lot of Respect

Once you get in the country, after asking your name and nationality, the next thing to be questioned would be your age. This is because the Vietnamese society is a build-up of Confucian beliefs, where experience and wisdom are much admired. In simple words, it means that the older you are, the more respect you command. It is not advisable to swear or speak about inappropriate topics in front of elders like death or sex. During dinners, elders are served first, and at home or work, their opinions are valued the most.

People Always Negotiate During Transactions

Shopping in Vietnam is all about putting in your best foot forward in terms of negotiating strategy. The local shopkeepers are always on the lookout for tourists so that they can earn hefty-profits on the sales. Over here, the locals are still at a significant advantage. The best thing to do while shopping in the country is to threaten to walk out. More often than not, shopkeepers will do everything to earn a smaller profit margin rather than getting nothing.

The Locals Believe in Ghosts

There are certain Vietnamese traditions and customs which are totally dependent on their ancestral beliefs. Locals have the common fear that the dead people will never find peace in the afterlife. They will wander around like tortured spirits. Most of the people in the country have their own ghost story to tell. From a butterfly landing on them during a funeral to hearing strange noises at night.

The Locals are Highly Optimistic

There is ample opportunity for work in Vietnam these days. Everyone is working hard to earn the bread for themselves and their families. They believe that the long working hours and sacrifices made by them will eventually pay off. You will never hear from them about their own problems. So, it is best never to grumble about yours.

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