4 Documents You Need To Rent An Apartment In Berlin

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So you’ve finally gone through the list of accommodation for rent in Berlin and found a place you want to call home. That’s awesome, I know finding the perfect place to rent can be a long and tiring process. But you’re not done yet you still have to sign the rental agreement.

What do you need to complete this process and finally move into your new home? Read on to find out.

Copy of your ID or passport

Your landlord will request for this document to verify you’re the person you claim to be. An estate agent may also ask for your ID or passport when you ask to view a property.

Certificate from your previous landlord

Your future landlord wants to be sure that you can pay rent and do so on time. They will, therefore, ask for this document written by your last landlord showing you always paid rent and don’t have any rent arrears.

If you’re moving to Berlin from another country, request your current landlord to give you a letter stating you were a good tenant. This letter can be done in English and if you can have it translated to German, which would be good. This document will go a long way in helping you secure a flat.

Copies of your payslip

This will show you have a regular income and can be able to pay your landlord. Usually pays slips for the last three months are required. You can get these from your employer.

If you don’t have a regular income you can give your bank statements for the last three months. This will act as a guarantee that you have money in the bank to be able to pay for your house. Without any of these documents, you will likely not be considered for the flat you want to rent, particularly if they are many people interested in renting it.

A credit history report

You’ll also be asked for a Schufa record.  You can get this document form Schufa, a private company which tracks your debts in Germany. How it works is if you fail to pay rent, default on a loan or any payment this will be reported to Schufa, who will then put it in your credit record. So a landlord will be asking for this document again to make sure they get a tenant capable of paying the bills.

Someone moving to German has to open a bank account or sign contracts for their Schufa record to start.  Because you don’t have this document you can use your bank statements to prove you received money often and used it to pay several bills.

What If You Don’t Have All These Documents?

If you don’t have the documents required by the landlord don’t worry there are some ways to go around it.

  • You could give a guarantor who can vouch that you’ll pay the rent. And, if you don’t they will be prepared to pay it. This person must be a German Citizen
  • You could look for a flat in the outskirts of Berlin. Here you can find a landlord who will be less demanding. You can leave there for a while to build a positive credit rating. When you decide to leave be sure to ask for the certificate showing you paid rent always on time.

If you want to have an easy time renting in Berlin ensure you have all these documents ready when you go to look at a property. And, once you move into an apartment ensure you always pay rent on time because doing so is what will determine how easy you get an apartment if you decide to move.