Moving into a New House? Here’s What You Need to Know!


Buying a house is always a difficult proposition but the challenge doesn’t end there at all. The real struggle starts when you are about to move into your new place. There are many factors to consider when moving into a new house. You are probably looking for ways to make your new house a home. Moving into a new house is essentially moving your entire life into a new place. You have to set it up, settle in, get used to it- but there are a few things you can streamline to make the transition process much easier.

It is already difficult packing up your life and it becomes quite stressful seeing everything you own packed up into boxes. After all, it is emotionally and physically stressful packing up and moving.

What are some things you can keep in mind when moving?

Don’t just make a mental checklist. Label everything! As human beings, we tend to talk to ourselves in our heads and make lists that we may forget later. Make it a point to write down what you need to do yourself, how you want to delegate tasks, and what you need to be done.

Waste Management

For starters, make sure you get your new house cleaned thoroughly. With most of the Waste Management Company – A Better Service is guaranteed as they clean out blocked drains and treat sewage disposal. A service specializing in certain areas is a good contact point to make sure everything in your new home’s drainage system is clean, useable, and safe to use. Many a time when moving houses, there are issues with drainage and damage caused by blockage and back-ups, which you should be sure to avoid. Contact the company beforehand to get a consultation and a better understanding of how to ensure the cleanliness of wastage.

Clean, clean, clean!

Apart from cleaning out the wastage system and drains, you must also keep in mind the need to get the house cleaned from inside as well. While it may seem clean, it is always better to ensure its cleanliness yourself. If you are planning on cleaning yourself, have the essential cleaning supplies such as buckets, detergents, brooms, and mops ready for use.

Painting Your New Home

After scrubbing the walls, it is also a good idea to refresh your home with a new coat of paint. You should also hire a professional house painter for a flawless finish. Make sure to inspect the walls and ceilings to avoid painting over damaged areas such as cracks. Prepping and fixing the walls beforehand can avoid inconvenience later as the cracks may grow with time.

Checking Electricity

Many people do not spend a lot of time on making sure whether the electricity is properly functioning in a home. Without electricity, there are many things that may go wrong in a house. For example, you may not be able to use the fridge properly or have a light on after dark. Find an electrician in your vicinity because they are aware of the areas circuit grid.

The neighbourhood electrician will be very useful in checking the circuit breakers, wires, and even in checking to make sure the voltage remains in line with the rest of the neighbourhood. At this time, it may also be a good idea to install new switch plates and electricity panels, especially if you are moving into a previously owned home. This can avoid risks that come with old electrical appliances such as short-circuits.

Another integral part of getting the electricity checked is getting mechanical equipment checked and serviced. The heating and cooling systems in a house must be checked before moving in. Imagine moving into a house in the winter months and not having proper functioning heating in your new home. Getting things fixed up after having moved in can also be a cause of annoyance to you and everyone else living in the house with you.

Are Your Utilities in Order?

When you move to a new home, and while you are getting everything cleaned up, make sure you do not forget to get a hold of the area’s utility provider to have your services turned on. This includes making sure the trash company comes by every week, that there is running water in your taps, the electricity is functioning, and everything has been transferred in your name.

Get Your Postal Address Changed

What can be very inconvenient is having your mail sent to the wrong address, especially if you live far away from your previous house. There are services (depending on your country of residence) that will let you track your current mailing address over the Internet.

You may also be able to update your mailing address through your local post office- they can help redirect mail to your current living address if anything is shipped or mailed to you at the wrong address.

Safety and Security

Change your locks! Go through the house and check whether all the windows and doors have locks on them. If they do not, have them put in, and if they do, have them changed.

You do not want anyone else having access to your home, your valuables, and you definitely do not want to sacrifice the safety of your family over a silly blunder. Also make sure you have in place a system in case you get locked out of the house.

Invest in Home Security System

You could look into a home security system that comes with alarms and a system that shows you what doors and windows are open and closed. When living in a new area and in a new space, it is especially important to keep your security as a priority in your checklist. You should remember you are not fully aware of the house and the area and taking extra precautions for yourself and your home may be a good idea to look into.

What to do About Food

When moving, feeding yourself and your family becomes difficult, especially in the middle of a move. Find out what your local delivery services are, what times they deliver, and look for your neighbourhood take out restaurant.

When moving, you may not have the time or energy to cook and clean up after yourselves, but at the same time, you can’t stay hungry. Use a food delivery application to find out what options do you have. You can even use the food delivery applications to pay for food online instead of having to worry about having cash at hand.

What if You Have Pets?

Pets will not understand the move. They will be scared and anxious, no matter how easy going the pet is. Give them a space in the house they can easily fit into. For example, if you have a dog or a cat, give them a corner in their house with their bed, clean water and food, and perhaps their favourite toy. It also helps for pets to have something that smells like their owners as it brings them comfort.

Stick to their old routines for a few weeks- give them their food on time, take them out for a walk at the same time, and remember to be patient with them. They may not adjust as quickly as you do but if you show them love and care, they will quickly adapt to their new habitat.

With all these details and your own list in place, you can ensure your transition into your new home will be as seamless as possible!