Why You Need a Master of Education in Leadership


Being a leader is much more than ordering people around and asking for duties to be done at a certain time. While delegating tasks is a big part of being a leader, it’s not the only part. In fact, leadership is one of the many skills that any great academic supervisor, manager, and teacher should have. How can you gain leadership skills? Is it easier said than done?

One of the best ways to gain experience and knowledge in leadership skills is to pursue a Master of Education leadership program. A master of education is a great option for prospective teachers and administrators alike. An M.Ed. that focuses on leadership can help expand your career prospects, ensure you get the skills necessary to lead a school of diverse staff and students, and ensure you are prepared for your teaching career ahead.

What is a Master of Education?

Like all Master’s degree programs, a Master’s of Education is a graduate degree that is obtained after someone has completed their Bachelor’s degree in another field. For future teachers and administrators, the beauty of a Master’s of Education is the ability to pursue one regardless of the background you have.

You can enroll in an M.Ed program whether you majored in:

  • English
  • Language
  • Math
  • Art
  • Science
  • History
  • Music

Because classroom work is incredibly broad and schools are always looking for people with diverse backgrounds, having a bachelor’s degree in a subject of your choice and a Master’s of Education puts you at a competitive edge and advantage over your colleagues.

What’s a Teaching Credential? Is it the Same as an M.Ed?

It’s important to note that a Master of Education is not the same as a teaching credential program. Different states will have different requirements for prospective teachers, including:

  • Whether they need to earn a single teaching credential, such as if they want to teach high school
  • Whether they need to earn multiple teaching credentials, if they want to teach elementary school children
  • Other requirements to teach children with special needs

If you want to work as a teacher hands-on with students, then check with your state for any teaching credential requirements beforehand.

Salary Prospects for M.Ed

Surveys show that people that have a Master’s in Education actually have higher wages than those with only a teaching credential. The average salary of someone with a teaching credential is around $57,000 a year, while someone with a Master’s in Education earns slightly more at $61,000 a year.

This is because earning an M.Ed puts people at a better advantage over their peers, especially if earning a Master of Education in Leadership and Management! This type of program can help students start a career as a :

  • Principal
  • Vice principal
  • District school administrative staff
  • District administrator
  • Corporate trainer

Because the master of education in leadership and management is so broad, students can learn a wide range of skills that can help them oversee classrooms, as well as oversee staff and faculty. Now, more than ever, schools need strong leaders by their side that are trained in conflict resolution, changes in protocols and procedures, and that can ensure all children remain safe in school.

Earning an Online Master of Education in Leadership

An M.Ed can be earned online in as little as one to two years. This makes it an excellent choice for busy parents that need a program that can help them balance their schedule, work from home, and still devote time to their families.

Best of all, an accredited Master of education in leadership program done online saves students money on other costs such as:

  • Parking
  • Gas or other commuter costs
  • Wear and tear on their vehicle
  • Lost hours at work
  • Tuition for dorm-room housing

There are a wide range of online M.Ed programs out there. To help you find the right one, choose a program that is flexible enough to accommodate your schedule, provide counselors that can help you form an education plan, and one at an accredited university.

Think about your career path. Do you want to have the leadership skills necessary to effectively manage a team of talented staff and students? If so, a Master’s in Education in leadership is your best choice.