Why Vaping is a Fun Alternative to Smoking


In the last few years, a new, fun alternative to smoking has popped up. More people than ever are trying to quit their nasty smoking habit, but they’re having trouble stopping completely. Some smokers have found a much cooler alternative to cigarettes, vaping or would be interested in something like https://blackbuffalo.com/. If you’re thinking about making the switch from smoking to vaping, here are some of the fun benefits you may get.

The Flavors

The first fun part of vaping is all about the variety of flavors. Unlike a traditional cigarette, you can add tasty flavors to your vaping pen or e-cigarette. Cigarettes usually only come in one flavor. People who vape can go down to their local convenience store or vaping supply retailer and choose flavors such as coconut, vanilla, strawberry, grape, and more. Switching different flavors can give you a totally new experience every time you use your vaping device.

Customization and Control

Next, vaping allows you to always have control of your experience. With cigarettes, you get the amount of nicotine the tobacco manufacturer has put into the product. Cigarettes always deliver the same amount of nicotine, every day, every time you smoke. Vaping gives you the ability to set the amount of nicotine you want each time you vape. Users can also pick different devices for vaping, such as pens or disposable e-cigarettes. You can purchase nic salts and other vaping liquids to customize the level of nicotine you get when you vape.

Portable and Convenient

You also get much more portability and convenience with a vaping device. Smoking is now a behavior that most people look down on. When someone starts smoking a cigarette, people nearby sometimes get annoyed or walk away. In many places, even some outdoor areas like beaches and ballparks, smoking is prohibited. Using a vaping device may be a better alternative in those spots where cigarettes are banned. Most vaping devices are tiny and discreet, giving you a portable and convenient option.

No Unpleasant Smell or Aftertaste

Next, switching to a vaping device instead of cigarettes can also help you get rid of that unpleasant smell on your clothes and in your hair. Smokers often have an odor that they can’t escape. Since vaping uses water vapor enhanced with salt nic or other flavors, there is no stinky smell left behind. You also don’t have to deal with the bitter aftertaste that is always present in your mouth if you smoke cigarettes. If you make the switch, you may start to enjoy the taste of your food once again when your taste buds become more sensitive.

Less Exposure to Chemicals

Vaping can also be more enjoyable when you realize that you’re not exposing yourself to the toxic chemicals from traditional cigarettes. Burning a cigarette puts more than 60 cancer-causing chemicals into your body, such as ammonia and arsenic. Cigarettes have been linked to a number of different cancers, such as lung cancer, mouth cancer, and throat cancer.

No More Nasty Side Effects

If you decide to swap out your cigarette habit for vaping, you can also avoid some of those other nasty side effects from smoking. Smokers may be exposing the skin on their face to toxins every time they take a puff. Their skin may start to appear dull and older, with more wrinkles and dryness. If you smoke cigarettes, your oral health may also suffer, with yellower teeth and a higher incidence of cavities. Vaping doesn’t have these same side effects, so you can still have bright skin and healthy teeth if you use vaping devices instead of cigarettes.

Vaping is a much more fun option than buying a pack of cigarettes every few days. You’ll have a much more flavorful experience using a vaping device than lighting up another cigarette.