Expand Your Recycling Practices With These Planet-Friendly Tips


Recycling is an easy way to help save the planet. There are more ways to recycle than the usual paper and plastic sorting. Here are some simple tips to help improve your recycling game and make it better.

Use Reusable Bags

First, start with your shopping habits. It’s time to stop getting new plastic bags every time you go to the grocery store or another retail outlet. Instead, bring your own cloth or other reusable bags so you can reduce your waste. Many cities and states are passing new bag taxes on to consumers, so reusing and recycling your grocery bags could help you save a little more cash.

Buy Rechargeable Batteries

Another way to do more with your recycling habits is to buy rechargeable batteries. Chemicals from battery waste contribute to environmental problems related to garbage in landfills. Instead of buying brand new batteries every time your electronics require them, consider investing in a handful of rechargeable battery sets. This way, when you need a new charge, simply plug in and reuse.

Purchase Recycled Paper Products

Another way you can support a greener planet is to make it a habit to buy only recyclable materials. When you need paper or other types of products such as cardboard, look for the recyclable symbol that indicates the product was made from reused materials. Do the same thing with plastic products or aluminum items so you can help reduce your carbon footprint. If more consumers follow suit, the planet could be a cleaner place.

Recycle Electronics

It’s also possible to recycle electronic items such as computers, smartphones, MP3 players, or tablets. As your device becomes obsolete over the years, when you invest in new electronics, make sure you choose to recycle the old ones through an easy kiosk. Businesses allow consumers and businesses to get cash from their old, obsolete electronics. They also help reduce the number of these items that go to landfills.

Make a Composting Bin

You can also practice some recycling tips with your food waste. One way to do this is to start your own backyard composting pile. This is a way to take some types of food waste and reuse it to help fertilize your garden and grow flowers and other plants. Set up your own compost bin near your garden. Then, place waste from yard work, such as grass clippings and leaves inside. You can also put eggshells, fruit waste, newspapers, and coffee grounds inside.

Recycle Mattresses and Furniture

When it’s time to buy new furniture or a new mattress, think carefully about your plans for old items. Some people simply take these items to the dump or the county landfill and add more waste to the planet. Instead of throwing them away, consider some recycling options. There are companies that offer mattress recycling as well as old furniture pick up.

Know the Recycling Rules

The last big tip is to make sure you are following your city or town’s regulations for recycling. Most places have specific rules about which items to recycle and which items to throw in the garbage. Sometimes, you may need to rinse certain items out such as plastic bottles or glass containers. Study up on the rules so that you can be a more efficient consumer. This way your town or city won’t have to throw out an entire bin of recyclables because of contamination.

If everyone takes a little bit of responsibility to make the planet a cleaner place with better recycling habits, the state of the earth will improve. Everyone can do his or her part by trying out some of these tips. These techniques are easy, inexpensive and helpful to the planet.