Why Do We All Want to Rent a Yacht in Dubai


One thing we can all be sure of is that renting is yacht in Dubai s the ultimate way to make your day unforgettable. Moreover, you have probably already fantasized about this on an especially hot day in the city: cool breeze, lovely landscapes, the solitude of the sea. And all this combined with the luxury of a private yacht – it is hard to name a better way to spend your money. Let us dive a little into this topic and analyze why yacht rental Dubai has developed into a lifestyle in recent years and whether it is what we all truly need.

A common misconception is that it costs an are and a leg to hire a yacht and, therefore, it can be afforded only by wealthy businessmen or those who inherit fortunes from their parents, especially in places like Dubai that are known for being quite expensive. This was surely the case fifty years ago when you most likely had to acquire a boat of your own in order to go yachting in places like Dubai. Luckily, today we have options.

Yacht rental has become insanely popular for a good reason. First of all, it is now much closer to being accessible. Websites like CharterClick offer yacht rental for prices starting from 150 $ per hour and a wide variety of boats you can choose from. This gives you the freedom of sailing without the trouble of looking for a boat or preparing endless documentation to hire one. Normally these kinds of websites are very convenient and quick so you can get what you want within a few hours after making the decision.

Of course, this can be said about most spheres of your life but getting your service online makes it much more comfortable. You can book a yacht and align it with your flight and other bookings to make sure that you have everything well-organized. You can see the pictures of the yachts you are choosing from which would be impossible if you were dealing with this over the phone. And, most importantly, you can calculate the price precisely before you even get there and avoid any sort of unpleasant surprises that can drive you off the budget.

Second of all, Dubai has grown into a magnificent place and earned its status as the most luxurious city in the world. It has developed all the necessary infrastructure, starting from luxurious hotels with pools and finishing with clubs and bars. They have done everything to make sure you will feel comfortable and have fun regardless of where you come from. And we are lucky it is so! Dubai is located in a marvelous natural environment and can offer spectacular views.

Needless to say, such popularity of the play and the number of tourists visiting every year has boosted the restaurant business so now you can find hundreds of places with all kinds of cuisines within and a wide price range. If you do not want to accidentally come to an excessively expensive one where local businessmen eat, it may be smart to google the menu first. This is actually a piece of advice for traveling to all luxurious cities.

It is a huge bonus for families when the place you choose for vacation offers different types of entertainment. This way you can all be happy – you can go shopping, because Dubai has shopping malls and boutiques not worst than you might see in Paris; you can go dancing all night or chill near the pool – whatever you want your rest to be like, Dubai can offer it.

For those who want to combine luxurious rest with some cultural experience, Dubai has a surprisingly large choice of museums where you can learn about their traditions and religion as it is the main focus of Islamic art. The architecture of the city is also unique and is alone a great reason to visit.

Finally, this service that sounds quite simplistic, is now actually pretty complex. You can hire a boat but you can also arrange a romantic dinner or a celebration. The companies that rent out yachts give you the privilege of choosing whatever you want and can make your dream come true.

Some of us want to go on lonely excursions through the best natural views – the websites now offer such service so we do not need endless googling. Others want to go on a romantic trip on an anniversary, a wedding or a proposal evening. For such customers, they will arrange Champagne and even a romantic dinner. Do you want to have a loud party with a few dozens of your closest friends and a DJ? Do you want to celebrate New Year on a yacht? Also possible. Frankly, everything is possible now. Moreover, all your wildest dreams have been tidily divided into categories you can choose from on a website.

Another reason why people so often choose Dubai is that it is basically never out of season which is especially important if your activity depends on the weather as much as aching clearly does. The period from November to March is considered the high season and the prices for flights and hotels tend to get higher within these months. However, the rest of the year works just as well as it is always hot and almost never rains.

So why do we want to go yachting in a place like Dubai? Because it is a great idea and because we have probably seen it in some James Bond movies. We are all different but it is extremely hard to find a person who has tried sailing a yacht and decided they hate it. So allow your life to get a bit more luxurious and consider renting a yacht in Dubai this season or any other – it is unlikely to ever get old. With websites like CharterClick it is fairly affordable and really easy to arrange, so why not?