Why Buying YouTube Views is Still Relevant


Recently, we often hear from marketers and experts that artificially increasing the number of views on a YouTube video is harmful to the channel. However, this is not always the case. As in any business, the main thing here is to use your promotion ability correctly and not make stupid mistakes. In this article, we will tell you why you should still buy YouTube views.

Difficulties of getting feedback

Now on the platform there are a huge number of large and small channels that relate to absolutely any area. Probably there is not a single topic that has never been touched upon in any video. We can choose channels on a favorite topic to our taste, depending on preferences. This is certainly great for a wider audience, but it is one of the big problems of content makers.

It is very difficult to gain a large number of subscribers and regularly receive feedback from them, because people do not want to follow hundreds of channels at the same time, and even more so to be active in each of them. Therefore, if you are a beginner blogger, then you have very little chances to become famous without outside help and get an active audience that will react to every publication.

Expensive advertising

As a rule, the main way to promote small channels is to buy ads from well-known bloggers. If this method sounds cool to you, then you don’t know how much advertising on a popular channel with a really active audience costs. Trust us, these numbers can scare you a lot. Of course, a novice content maker does not have that kind of money and he is unlikely to be able to choose this option.

Many people condemn bloggers for charging too high ad prices, but they don’t deserve this claim. If a person was able to become famous and get a large audience, then he has the right to appreciate his work. Moreover, there is a possibility that subscribers will go to other channels that they saw in advertising. Taking risks for low pay is stupid.

Why is it a safe and effective method

Unfortunately, some people believe that if they use third-party help to acquire an audience, then everyone will find out about it or their account will even be blocked. However, it is not. You just get one-time a certain number of real subscribers (of your choice) who are ready to actively participate in the life of your channel. It’s much easier and cheaper than trying to publish quality content for several years and save up for advertising from a famous blogger.

This should help you, especially if you are just starting out on YouTube. Do not listen to those who prove to you that it is wrong. People often consider themselves experts without understanding the topic.

In addition, on the websites of various services, you can read information about the date of their creation and make sure that they have been functioning for many years. This indicates that everything is legal and safe.