What kind of content leans its way to social media marketing?


Knowing what kind of content to use for your social media marketing strategy is key.  It’s no longer enough just to post content on social media, understanding what your target wants to see is vital to the success of any social media marketing campaign.  To grow your brand, you have to have a solid social media marketing content plan.

What type of content is best on social media platforms? This question is it is vital as a marketer to complete a social media course to ensure that you not only post content frequently but understand what kind of content leans its way to improve your social media marketing strategy.

What content does your target audience want?

Before you even invest time and money in developing content, be sure to have a good understanding of what your audience actually wants to see and engage with – and make sure it’s part of your social media marketing strategy to give it to them.

It’s vital that you discover your target audience’s likes and dislikes, for example do they lean towards images or photos, or perhaps love videos.  There are many ways you can learn more about your what content interest your target audience but a good place to start is to try these few suggestions.

  • Social activity – Discovering when your followers are online is an effective tool of knowing when is a good time to deliver your content.  It adds to the success of your social media content posts to know when your audience prefers to read your posts.
  • Bios – Choose a variety of people from your target audience and take a sneak peak at their bios.  It’s always short and will give you great insight into what type of content they are in to.
  • Content interests – Digging deeper into the kind of content your audience wants is a good idea and following their content interests is a good idea.  Take a look at what content they have given the thumbs up to and keep their ‘likes’ in mind.
  • Who are they following – Checking out who your target audience likes to follow is a quick way learn how to offer them similar content.  

Where to begin

Understanding the many benefits of a successful social media marketing campaign is great, but when it comes to content, where do you begin?

The content creation stage can only begin once you are sure what it is that interests your target audience.  This can be tricky as not everyone has the same likes and dislikes but gaining a general insight into what type of content to create can go a long way to the success of your digital marketing.

So, once you understand what kind of content leans its way to social media marketing, it’s a good idea to create a social media content plan to take the mystery out of knowing when to post, plus scheduling your social media content in advance is a great idea.

Content plan benefits

There are many benefits to creating a social media content plan.  Here are a few of the most popular benefits and reasons why this should be a definite part of your content decisions.

  • Avoid missing important dates – Planning ahead ensures that your content is relevant and timed perfectly.
  • Reduce research time – Deciding from the get-go what kind of content is best suited to your brand and audience, will save time later when it comes to research for content.
  • Improve consistency – Where social media is concerned there’s a lot to be said for being consistent.  Posting frequency and type of content helps your audience learn what to expect and sticking to a schedule also helps you avoid awkward stretches without posting.

What content is popular?

Learning what kind of content leans its way to successful social media marketing for your brand is key and once you’ve completed all the research mentioned in this article you’ll be ready to get started.

Here are a few of the most popular content on social media networks.

  • About us – People love to see who is behind your brand or business.  Content that introduces staff to their audience is always great.
  • Photos – Visual content works wonders on any social media platform.  However, ensure your photos are top quality and relevant.
  • Videos – Moving content is a hit too.  People love to see images moving on their screens.
  • Engagement – Content where you are answer questions is a good way to engage your audience and question and answer content is always welcomed.
  • Customer review – This is great content if your customer review is positive.