What Every Writer Should Know Before Beginning the Project

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Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of people that decide to write articles, books, and short stories every day? Although most never finish the projects they begin, there are still thousands of people that do. That means you can find individuals that think much as you do in internet communities across the globe. Whether you are writing an article for a mechanical magazine, a scientific journal, or a book for a publishing house, you can be assured the following tips can help you improve how you begin your project.

1Know What You Write

Do your research before you write a single word because in the modern world of the internet if you are writing about a dragon and decide to give it feathers, many of your readers may disagree with you very vocally because the standard dragon has scales. Not only can the small detail like a feather cause contention, but it can also cause readers to boycott your work as impossible and sloppy.

2Learn To Explain Data

Whether you are a scientific writer, historical romance author, or cookbook creator, you will need to learn how to explain the data you present to the world. You must also understand that writing a book that will be published for children must be presented in a different way. Different areas of writing require different forms, presentations, and languages.

3Understand You Must Rewrite

Most authors can tell you that if they are writing a scientific paper or a television script, rewriting is part of the process of writing. Some authors will even tell you they are still rewriting sections of their books or articles long after the document has been submitted for publication. In other words, some people may rewrite conversations or scientific descriptions many times.

4Explaining Is Difficult Business

The trees in your world may be blue, or the formula may contain fractal images, but if you don’t do more than utilize the word “blue” or “fractal,” you are not doing enough to use your words to bring the reader into your world. Explaining what you see or think can be a difficult business, but when you chose to become an author, you declared to the world that you are up to the task for sharing your ideas in terms they can understand – so, do it!

5Show Respect to Others

When you submit your article or story to a publisher, you may receive a scathing review or comments that cut through your soul. Don’t take it personally. Just remember that there are many types of publishing houses that are looking for specific types of articles and stories to include in their business line of publications. There are also very different types of readers, and they often make mistakes. Remember how a now-famous book about a young boy wizard was refused by every major publishing house more than once?

6Boring Can Kill Hamlet

No matter what you are writing, know your audience, and write according to that genre’s taste. In other words, if someone submitted Hamlet for inclusion as an article for Bentham Science, readers would be confused, and refusal would be assured. Authors must also be sure to make the articles and stories interesting enough to keep the audience reading.

Writing is a business and should be approached as such. Although you may use your writing to pour your soul out to the world, discuss the latest scientific developments, or write a short story that titillates the masses if you don’t follow the steps listed above, the chances are your work won’t be seen by anyone except your family and friends. Know who you are writing for and how to make it interesting to share it with the world.