What could go wrong with your bathroom renovation?

bathroom renovation

It doesn’t matter whether you opt for a small or large-scale home improvement project. You will be under stress until everything gets done and you settle down in your new and fresh-looking home. Some areas that can be demanding in this sense include the kitchen and bathroom. While you may be ready to face challenges when redoing your kitchen because of its business, it can be difficult to allow your bathroom to give you headaches at the time of renovation. Although you cannot eliminate all the risks, you can take care of specific pain points from the beginning to manage your anxiety.

For this, you need to figure out the types of issues you can face when the real work kicks start. It will help you stay prepared. Since bathroom makeovers also cost a lot, you would want to cover your grounds to not burn your money in vain. Here is a quick peek into a few common mistakes that you can avoid or control if you are aware of them.

Bathroom size

Most people don’t measure their bathroom before renovating the space, while they should try to optimize every inch. It can be possible when you have accurate measurements for all critical areas, including drainage, sinks and faucets, bathtubs, etc. It can be a useful activity to pursue as you can save some extra dollars, time, and unnecessary pain down the road. If you don’t ensure this, many things can go wrong. Your expensive toilet may not get adequate room for its glory. Plus, you can struggle to include some key accessories, like shelves, towel rails, and so on.

Cheap fittings

You can buy low-quality fixtures to bring down your cost, as many others do. But you have to realize that this investment can prove costly in the long-run because they may need frequent repair and replacement. Hence, purchase high-quality products only. If you bought an attractive sink, look for a tap that can complement its aura. Today, you get a faucet for every sink design, so it would be better not to be sparing with this. To be precise, if you bought a vessel sink, pair it with a vessel sink faucet for ease of use and convenience. Think of long-term benefits.


A functional bathroom cannot afford to overlook the positioning aspect. It is not suitable to have cupboard doors that knock into other fixtures or barely get enough room to open properly. Think about mirrors placed in awkward angles, the toilet area looking cramped, and other such sights that signal spacing problems. It cannot be easy to put up with them for a long time, even if you somehow managed everything initially. It is necessary to work on the bathroom design, which only professionals can handle.

DIY experiments

If you are not well-equipped, you cannot think about changing things yourself in your bathroom. A bathroom makeover involves multiple aspects, including plumbing, layout, tiling, and fixtures. It can be a complicated undertaking with so many nuances. Doing simple decorations and painting is something else. For this space, it is wise to rely on professional help. They can manage all the complicated works, right from electrical lines to plumbing and others. No doubt, hiring them involves a specific cost. But ending up with design errors and rectifying them will prove more expensive and tiring. Hence, it is ideal that you give your bathroom’s responsibility to them.

Still, you don’t have to let your DIY self down. After the work is over, you can put your creative mind to use. For example, if you are skilled at woodwork, you can build a small cabinet, shelf, or decorative item based on the available space. Or, if there are small planting pots in the bathroom, you can paint or beautify them as you like.

Bathroom fan

Some people don’t consider adding a fan in the bathroom. Whether there is a window or not, the fan is essential in this space for proper ventilation. Otherwise, it will catch humidity and moisture, which can be harmful to grout, tiles, and paint. Due to dampness, the problem of mildew can also occur. And you must be aware of how such things can ruin your and your family’s health. So, make sure to include a fan and maintain it well. Your bathroom will become a safe place and enjoy a long life.


Even minor replacement work can involve high expenses. When you consider extensive bathroom renovation, you need to consider every detail to understand where you can spend money and where you will have to control it. For this, budgeting is vital. Although it may not look like a task, you need to give it your time and mental space to work out different aspects. Many times, these home improvement projects pose unexpected challenges. If you keep aside an additional amount for them also, you will be at peace. According to interior experts, about 10% of the total budget should account for this.

Not everyone can afford to exceed their budget even if they find some alluring ideas. Due to this, they have to cut down on a few features to prioritize the essential parts. So, don’t feel bad if you also have to take any such step. You can add those highlights later when you are ready to spend.

These are only a hint of where you can go wrong with the bathroom renovation work. Like these, you have to count every detail and factor it in to avoid any slip-ups. Also, you can discuss your concerns and thoughts with your interior decorator for more assistance. Be open about your limitations and expectations. Once they know what you have on your mind, it becomes easy for them to deliver. However, make sure you also listen to them when they suggest something is beyond your budget. If you push them, they might agree to fit it into your account. But it can be a blunder both from a money and décor perspective.

So, are you planning a bathroom renovation? Keep these things in mind, and you shall have a smooth go at this.