Which Funny Street Signs Can Slow Down Your Vehicle

funny street signs

You may be a good river and bring your car to a halt after viewing the stop signs. As a cautious and alert driver, you follow all the signs that make your driving safe. However, what do you need to do after viewing funny street signs? Do they force you to stop and change your way? Often, drivers find these signs confusing as they may not be able to decipher the actual meaning. Unfortunately, most of these messages have double meaning.

The following signs provide you a rear view of life in more ways than one.

  • A few signs indicate the presence of potholes on the road. If you are not much eager about destroying your car and reduce its life, you need to get it right. The potholes are sure to damage your car, so you need to decipher the signs.
  • If a sign asks you to slow down the speed of the vehicle to snail’s speed, you have to take it with a pinch of salt.
  • When you drive towards a park, a confusing sign can irritate you to no end. If a typo mixes up the entire thing, you may not make sense out of nothing. So, beware about deciphering the meaning of the sign.
  • Often, the bikers feel confused after viewing a street sign as they are not aware whether it asks them to stop or slow down. However, an instruction reinforces a thought you need to believe.
  • The road closures often make your life difficult but it makes your life comfortable and instinctive. You may get a better opportunity when driving past another road but it may also indicate an unwanted delay.
  • The classic stop sign is known to all but jumbling the letters can make people thinking. No sign should create double meaning and make it difficult for people to interpret the words.

Getting the idea

When driving down the highway, you are sure to come across various references with pun and fun. You will come across plenty of such messages on the electronic boards, although many of them are static. Apart from this, you can also note dynamic signs reminding the drivers to maintain speed limits or traffic delays.

However, the question might be whether the funny signs indicate a change of behavior of the distracted drivers?  A survey indicates that most of the drivers understand the signs, which proves that people may be becoming socially responsible and abstaining from behaviors that out them in the wrong foot. A funny street sign does that or may be more to explain people how to deal with driving under stressed conditions.

The bottom line

Not all street signs are funny as there may be a double take. You may also find it funny if it belongs to a different culture. You must take time to understand the meaning of each sign and how it is trying to direct you to do things right. So, funny street signs may not be funny at all. You need to decipher the meaning and comply with the rules whether you are driving or walking down the road.