Refinishing Wooden Dining Tables: Tips and Tricks

wooden table

Have a wooden table that has seen better days? What about furniture that has nicks, scratches, and even gouges in the wood from prolonged use? The great thing about wooden furniture is not just that it’s charming in its own right, but that you can refinish it over the years if it is no longer looking its best, which means not only is it versatile, but it will also provide you with years of use as long as you know how to not only maintain it, but do a refinishing job, too.

So how do you refinish furniture, such as a wooden dining table?

Refinishing any type of wooden furniture entails these things: sanders, wood fillers, stains, and topcoats.

Regardless of whether or not your existing furniture that you wish to refurbish has an existing topcoat, you will have to sand the surfaces with an orbital sander to get back down to the original wooden surface. This also does the job of filing down uneven surfaces and restoring a smoother look to your furniture, depending on the sandpaper you use.

Wood fillers are a great way to even out your Marri dining table’s surface, too, no matter the cosmetic damage. It’s simple to use, too – just spread it on top of the affected area, and try to make sure that you apply enough as it does shrink when it hardens. If there’s any protruding filler, you can always go back and sand it down to ensure a smooth surface.

Paints and stains are quite possible the best ways to really provide a fresh look to tired-looking furniture. After you’ve buffed away the scratches and nicks borne from regular use, a fresh coat of paint can immediately lift the visual of your Marri dining table. Not keen on painting, and wish to preserve the natural look of your wooden furniture? Staining is an amazing way to keep the wooden grain shining through, while also refreshing your existing wood.

And as for topcoats? Always consult with your furniture manufacturer or maker which one is best for the type of wood that you have. Wax, lacquer, shellac, polyurethane, or varnish, there’s quite a few choices for your topcoat needs. You will have to consider your usage, the type of wood material you have, as well as your application skills when it comes to this, as it can vary by material.

While you can DIY your furniture refurbishing, it’s always best to consult with professionals when it comes to refinishing your wooden furniture. After all, not only is the material made to last you for the years to come, and so should be refinished correctly to help prolong its longevity, but it also takes the stress out of doing it yourself! Hiring a professional to refinish your Marri dining table not only ensures a beautiful output after, but also ensures the least amount of damage for the most amount of repair and refurbishing!