4 Ways To Make Your Employees Happy


Running a business can lead to all sorts of emotions. Excited, anxious, stressed, you’ll experience it all. However, having a strong team behind you will mean that you do not have to go through it alone and they can help alleviate some of the negative feelings, and revel with you in the joyful ones. Your employees can make or break your company, so putting a fantastic team together is of the utmost importance and keeping employees happy and motivated is vital. We’ve put together some tips to help you offer your employees happy and secure working environment, they’ll never want to leave you. Check them out below!

1Offer Them A Superb Contract

Start off on the right foot with your staff by offering them a good contract that means they benefit from their employment just as much as you. If you’re in the Midwest, check out Indianapolis lawyers HKM, who specialize in employment law and can assist you with putting together a strong contract. Offer medical benefits and a generous salary. If you penny-pinch on their payment then they will likely penny-pinch on their work for you. Ensure that you are paying parental leave and offer a reasonable amount of vacation days.

2Offer Flexible Working

Since working from home became the norm during the pandemic, more and more employees are hoping it will stay that way. If your company has desk-based staff, consider letting them work from home a couple of days a week. Most people actually feel they are more productive at home and it will cut down on their commute time and costs. As well as remote working, think about letting your employees work on a flexible schedule. If they have an important event such as their child’s school play, or a funeral, they can make up the hours earlier or later in the day. By offering your staff a better work/life balance, they will feel happier and be more motivated in their roles.

3Offer Training and Development

Encouraging your employees to grow inside and outside of the workplace, will mean they become better educated and higher-skilled, and your company will benefit. Offer training and place your staff on courses that can broaden their horizons and they will bring fresh ideas and proposals into your business.

4Reward Them for Their Hard Work

You don’t have to dish out thousands of dollars in bonuses to thank employees for doing their jobs, but small acts of recognition can make an employee feel valued for their efforts. Offer positive feedback when you can see an individual has tried their best and consider a commission strategy for those who bring in big money. Even small denomination gift cards or prizes to show your gratitude will put a smile on your staff’s faces. The happier they are at your company, the better their work ethic will be and the longer they’ll stay with you.

Do you run a business with fantastic staff? Let us know how you make them feel valued in the comments.