7 Ways to Green Up Your Cannabis Growing


Growing cannabis is an excellent way to save money, but it can also be a great way to help out the environment – as long as you do it correctly. Luckily, with the help of hydroponic growing, you can take steps to lower the carbon footprint of your cannabis growing system, so you can breathe easily and feel good about benefitting the planet.

Growing Cannabis in Bowmanville

While Bowmanville is a part of the greater Toronto area, it lies on the outskirts of that boundary, just east of Oshawa. Consequently, Bowmanville’s citizens live closer to the beautiful natural landscape offered by rural Ontario.

If you live in Bowmanville, there’s a good chance you value the benefits offered by nature and are willing to protect it. If so, you’ll be eager to visit a hydroponic store in Bowmanville where you can learn more about the following seven things you can do to ensure you’re not wasting energy while growing cannabis.

Hydroponic Growing

If you want to make your cannabis growing system more environmentally friendly, you should first move to hydroponic growing. Hydroponic gardening is the greenest way to propagate plant life because it is the most efficient growing technology that can be done easily at home.

Fewer Pesticides

Hydroponic growing is efficient because it requires fewer pesticides for success. Any time you use fewer pesticides to grow plants, you add fewer toxic chemicals or other pollutants into the ecosystem. This step alone represents a significant reduction in your impact on the environment.

Energy-efficient Lighting

The light source you use to grow cannabis represents one of the most significant factors in increasing your carbon footprint as a gardener. Most hydroponic growing systems use energy-efficient LED lighting. Using energy-efficient lighting means reducing your environmental impact every second of the day.

Natural Soil and Synthetic Fertilizers

To create a greener garden, you need to use natural products as much as possible. Using organic soil where you can, and fertilizers that are less harmful to the environment will allow you to turn your cannabis operation into an option that is much better for the earth.

Efficient Irrigation

Since hydroponic gardening is designed to be as efficient as possible, it requires less water than any other method of gardening. Reducing your water consumption is one of the best ways that you can create a cannabis garden that is better for the environment.

Compositing Waste

Ideally, a hydroponic garden will yield very little waste and a high amount of healthy cannabis. That said, no system is perfect. If you do end up with dead plant matter, be sure to always dispose of it in a sustainable manner by composting your plant waste in the green bin.

Environmentally-Friendly Packaging and Products

If you’re trying to make your garden as green as possible, you should continually be on the lookout for more opportunities to help the environment. Whenever you buy new products to use in your hydroponic system, always opt for the ones that use sustainable packaging or as little harmful packaging as possible.

If you want to start an environmentally-friendly cannabis setup in Bowmanville, be sure to visit a local hydroponic growing store to find out what’s available in your area.