Tips to Buy Perspex And Working on It


Perspex is, most of the times, compared to glass. This is due to the fact that it can do similar things that glass can do but there are a few more reasons why you should buy Perspex instead of glass. The Perspex sheet has the same functionality as the glass but is ten times stronger. It is damage- resistant and at the same time, weighs almost half the weight of the glass.

Perspex is compared with the Polycarbonate material as well, which is another type of plastic. Polycarbonate is as transparent as acrylic but, 20 times stronger and also, far more expensive. Apart from that, exposure of polycarbonate material for a long time to UV light may discolor it over time and to prevent it you will have to treat it from time to time. This can add to the cost of maintenance of the material.

Uses of Perspex

It is true that Perspex is not as rugged as the polycarbonate material, but the resilience and strength of Perspex acrylic should not be overlooked or underestimated. You will find most people buy Perspex to use it for different applications. A few examples of the use of the acrylic plastic material are:

  • Ice hockey spectator barriers
  • Aquariums
  • Windows on submersible vessels
  • Aviation windows
  • Transparent roofing
  • Riot control vehicles, and
  • Drums

You can also the Perspex acrylic sheets for a variety of several different do-it-yourself (DIY) projects such as, replacing the shed windows or installing any secondary glazing to create a work of art and even for building greenhouses.

Tips to Cut Acrylic Perspex

It is important that you know how to work on this acrylic material before you step out to buy Perspex. If you know the techniques, then you can cut this material easily and effectively to fabricate it at home according to your choice. How? Read on.

  • By using a hand saw – You can cut the acrylic sheet by a hand saw but it is a time-consuming process and will also require extensive polishing after cutting, to bring the transparency and shine back to it. For better results, you must choose a saw that has the high number of teeth per inch. Also take care to clamp the sheet firmly, so that the chances of vibration and chipping are minimized.
  • Use a scoring tool – You can even score and break this sheet, especially, if it is less than ¼” or 6.35mm in thickness. You will not need any power tool or saw for cutting a straight edge. Use a very sharp scoring tool, a table, and clamps and score it several times with a straight metal rule. Break it with a slight pressure along the scoring line, just like glass.
  • Use a handheld jigsaw – You can also use a handheld jigsaw but, make sure you take proper care and preparation and choose a blade that has reduced depth and very sharp teeth.
  • A band saw – If there is a curved or unusual shaped edge then using a band saw will be more prudent and effective.

Laser cutting is another process which can be done with the help of a computer graphic program.