7 Ways Anyone Can Get Better Deals On Real Estate

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Purchasing a house can be one of life’s most significant moments for most people. It can also be most people’s greatest expense. That expense can dramatically be lowered by planning out how you want to buy it and by doing simple things to find a better deal to save a lot of money and possibly even make some. Below are some ways to find better deals on real estate.

How do you get a good deal on real estate?

1Flip Houses

Finding fixer-uppers is a great way to find cheaper houses. You will simply have to put in more work to find a better deal on houses like this. You also have to know a decent amount about real estate and how much each flip will cost. You can then get a licensed contractor to fix it up, so you don’t have to spend as much time and effort fixing it. It will also take a lot of time to do if you do not have a contractor. But, of course, if you want to take on these types of projects on your own, you will need to prepare for your contractor’s license exam.

2Buy Foreclosures

Foreclosures are houses that have to be sold by the owners due to financial burdens. This is where you can find markdowns in prices because the owners have to get rid of them at a certain time or the bank doesn’t want them. They are easy to find because of online services and sites that specialize in them. On the other hand, you may have to get a house that isn’t in optimal condition most likely. You will also have to deal with a lot of competition from real estate investors and flippers. There may also be hidden costs and slow processing time. Besides that, you will be getting a much lower price.


Negotiating is the most common real estate tactic; however, it depends on how much leverage you have. There is a lot of demand in today’s market, so you will most likely be paying more because you don’t have as much leverage. You can still negotiate with deciding when the sale will be made and how much you will pay in cash. You can also negotiate further if there are not many people who want to buy a house and the owner needs it to be sold at a particular time.

4Find Unique Houses

Finding something unique or expanding your preferences is an easier way to get a cheaper house because fewer people will want to buy them. The lack of demand will lower the price. One of the many mistakes when buying a house is not considering the neighborhood, but expanding your search area or changing the number of rooms you want could be a great way to save money if you consider all of your options. It can also mean changing the color you’re going for to something most people will not want.

5Find Houses That Aren’t On The Market.

There is always a time where people are considering selling before they put their offer on the market. There’s an option to find these people before putting it on the market to secure a better deal before they understand their house’s value in the market. This option may also include door-knocking or expanding your network. If you expand your network, it is like having a friend that is more likely to sell you their house than a stranger.

6Set Up Automatic Alerts

You need to have automatic alerts on multiple real estate websites. Having listing alerts on will alert you before most people even see the listing. This notification will give you the first pick to decide if you want the listing or not, lowering the competition. If you want it, you will be able to then make an offer quicker or schedule a tour before other buyers.

7Look Into Duplexes Or Roommates

Many buyers do not consider duplexes or having a roommate, but looking for these options will greatly reduce the cost of Real Estate. Having a duplex will be more for people who do not care if they live near people but do not want to share the same house and constantly see those you are sharing it with. Having a roommate will be even cheaper, but it will also be for people who are more social and want to be around someone all of the time, which is great for spouses.


There are many ways to find cheaper housing. Continue to explore these options and look. Once you get the hang of these options, make sure to continue to think outside the box for more methods. Just don’t let a great offer pass you by because you are searching for the best one.