Moving to a Big City – Things to Do Before Moving


There are advantages of living in a small town and a big city. If you’re accustomed to the small town vibe, you’ll have to get used to living in a big city. The opposite is also true. Check out the information below regarding ways to make your move to a big city seamless.

Begin Packing Early

As with many things in life, planning can make moving to a big city a lot easier. The same applies to getting an early start, which is why planning is necessary. If you start packing at least a month in advance, you can take the time needed to purchase the required supplies and line up friends to help. While some believe multi-tasking is the way to go, studies have shown that packing one room at a time is more efficient.

Obtain a Storage Unit

One of the first things you should consider is locating a storage unit in your new city. For instance, if you were moving to a large city such as L.A., choosing a place for storage in Los Angeles is relatively easy, but you’ll need to make sure it’s a facility that accommodates your needs. By having a storage unit, you can start transporting your belongings each time you visit until you are completely moved. A storage unit is good to have so that you have a place to keep excess furniture or belongings that you might want to sell later or move into a bigger place.

Learn About the City in Advance

The exciting part about moving to a big city is that there are usually a lot of social activities. You can learn about the city by searching online to find out what’s going on. If you purchase a home, your realtor can provide tips on what to do and where to go on weekends. You can also find information on blogs, social media and websites dedicated to tourism.

Find a New Job Before You Move

Generally, it’s best to find a job before you move to a new city. While there’s a good chance that you’ll find work if you have a strong resume, it’s always best to have something lined up before you arrive to avoid unnecessary stress. It’s true what they say: “It’s better to look for a job when you have a job.” Employers are often more interested in candidates that are already gainfully employed.

Start Networking to Get Connected

Networking is a lot easier than it has ever been in the past. There are platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook that allow you to connect with like-minded people. This is great because you can meet other professionals virtually and then network with them offline when you move to your new city. You can even spend a weekend in your new city before you actually move to experience what it’s like to live there.

Choose a Great Neighborhood

In some cases, choosing the right neighborhood will depend on whether or not you have children. If kids are involved in the move, you should obviously choose a neighborhood with a great school system. In addition to the school system, you’ll want to consider your commute to work. In places like Los Angeles, the commute can make or break your experience because there’s a lot of traffic in some parts of town. You will obviously need to consider the price of real estate or rentals. In fact, it might be worth renting first until you determine where you truly want to live.

Locate Essential Shops

In addition to finding a place for storage in Los Angeles or whatever city you move to, you’ll need to find the shops that you’re likely to visit on a regular basis. For instance, if you regularly visit a coffee shop, you should find one in your neighborhood, along with the best grocery store in the area. You can simply spend a day identifying where all of your favorite retailers are located so that you don’t feel lost.

It will probably take a few months before you start to feel comfortable in your new city. Connecting with people at work and in your social life will make the process of getting acclimated fun.