Video Email Marketing: Use Videos to Boost Effectiveness of Emails

video email marketing

It’s 2022, and businesses face new challenges that were unprecedented in modern times. Today company owners need to create new and previously unseen ways to attract potential customers and make them buy their products.

And, of course, the vast majority of businesses now use videos as a part of their marketing strategy. Video email marketing is extremely useful: adding an animated video to your business emails can increase click-through rates by more than 65%, according to recent studies.

But does it fit your brand? Let’s look at what exactly video email marketing is, why it is such a great tool for your digital marketing, and how you can use it to boost your sales. Let’s get going!

What is video email marketing?

It is simple as it is: video marketing means including gifs, short or long videos, or animated clips into the emails you send to the customers.

Recent video marketing stats show that more than three-fourths of companies use videos in all kinds of advertising.

When you have only a couple of seconds before a person closes your letter, adding a video can be the thing that will force a customer to stay and actually read what you can offer to them. It may seem that adding a video into your email marketing is excessive, but this approach has a lot of advantages, and we will talk about them next.

The advantages of adding video content into your emails

So, let’s go through five great things video marketing will bring to your business:

  1. Emails with videos have much higher conversion and click-through rates. Many surveys from marketers show that most of them see a large increase in click-through rates once they’ve added videos to their emails. “These videos are the best call to action thing you’ve ever had,” – they note.
  2. It is proven that videos in email marketing can increase your revenue. About 64% of customers are more likely to visit your website and buy after seeing a video you send them than if you just send a text.
  3. People will be more likely to open your email if they see the word “video” in the title. In fact, it can increase open rates by 6%.
  4. It increases the time people spend reading email, and thus, it increases your brand’s recognition and allows customers to actually read what you propose to them.
  5. Videos are so much easier to share, so if you add a funny and fierce video into your email, a person who opens it will be more likely to share the info from the letter with their friends. It also helps with SEO and increases your social engagement.

soapbox video email marketing example

When it is okay to add multimedia content to your videos

Including videos in emails as a part of your email marketing strategy is excellent almost in most cases. Sometimes it can be less appropriate or just a waste of time, so you should consider this fact while planning an email campaign.

Now, let’s look at cases when using email marketing services to create letters with videos is a great idea.

  1. When you send emails to let people know about new products. A good promo video can be worth a thousand words.
  2. All kinds of invites. For example, if you are opening a new store, celebrating the company’s anniversary, or having any other event, you want people to join you. In this case, you can use videos to show what kind of event they can attend.
  3. Follow-ups. Did you have a magnificent event? Let’s create an email campaign and show people how awesome your new store opening was and how much they’ve missed.
  4. News and promotions. Do you have a big sale coming next week? Or did you get a limited stock of a hot product and need to inform your customers about it? In any case, if there’s important news, sales, promotion campaigns, you can include videos in the emails about them.

How to put a video into an email

All in all, you need a video maker to edit the materials you’ve already shot. Add catchy effects, infographics, transitions. Create a TikTok format video or a clip with the brightest moments of the brand’s year.

Now when you have the video content for email, the procedure of adding it into email can depend on your email marketing software, but there are some options.

  1. You can add just a link to a video if you can’t embed it in the email directly, or you know that not every customer will have the opportunity to see it in the email.
  2. You can add the video via email marketing tools like Hubspot, Act-On, Marketo, etc., and choose to insert your video into your emails.
  3. The last option is to add a video to the email directly. You need to take a screenshot of your video, and through a video maker, add a play button to the image. Then you need to upload your video on the website of your choice. Now use your email marketing software and add a link to the video and a screenshot you’ve created into the template. Check twice to make sure that your video works because there’s no worse thing than a failed email marketing campaign that flopped because of such minuscule detail.

Finals thoughts

So, it is absolutely clear that video email marketing is the future, and it happens now. There’s no need to create complicated videos for this matter, but fun and short advertisements, “let’s meet our company” videos, and product demonstrations can drastically change your sales.

It is a timesaving method of presenting your services and products to people who are always busy in today’s world and the way to reach those clients that seem unreachable. Don’t hesitate, unpack your camera, get a video maker and start creating amazing videos for your email marketing campaigns today.