7 Important Tools for Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Installation

After solar panels are installed on a home or building, they will need maintenance. If you don’t clean the solar panel regularly, they won’t effectively harvest sunlight on a sunny day. Dust, smog, and pollen are common environmental hazards that can interfere with key solar panel hardware. When panels are installed near trees, other things could cause problems, such as leaves and bird droppings. To protect your system, you’ll need proper maintenance tools, and you can gather them by using the suggestions in this guide.


Brushes will help you scrub your solar panels without scratches the surfaces. The following brushes can provide big benefits during many solar panel maintenance routines:

  • Soft-bristle brushes: Although these brushes are very soft, they can remove the debris off of solar panels. When picking a soft brush, ensure that its material isn’t abrasive because an abrasive coating may generate scratches on your panels.
  • Flow-through brushes: Brushes with a flow-through design are great tools for strategic solar panel cleaning situations. As one of these brushes glides against a panel, water blasts through the bristles to loosen dirt and grime. If a brush has a chamber, you could fill it with soap to make your panels shine.


Poles are attachments for scrubbing brushes. In most cases, brush manufacturers include poles in kits that are designed for solar panels. If your house has a tall roof with tough angles, invest in a kit that includes several straight and angled poles.

Water Purification Equipment

This equipment is beneficial in a neighborhood that has hard water. If a solar panel system is cleaned with hard water, mineral deposits will linger, and they will interfere with the solar hardware. The only way to make hard water suitable for solar panel cleaning routines is by eliminating the minerals with water purification equipment.

Water Pump

Water pumps harvest water that’s very soft. In order to take advantage of a water pump, you’ll need a lot of rainfall because the equipment has basins that hold rainwater.

When shopping for a pump, pick something that’s an average size. You won’t need a large unit with air jets as pressure isn’t required to effectively blast away debris on solar panels. Instead, buy a unit with attachments that will give you opportunities to scrub away grime.


If you have a large solar panel setup, you may need to maneuver on the roof to reach some of the solar panels. For this task, you’ll need to climb a balanced ladder that has sturdy rungs.

A 12.5-foot ladder is a great option for a one-story rooftop. The rungs will help you access the lowest and tallest portions on this type of roof. For a rooftop that has two stories, you’ll need a ladder that’s taller. Always inspect the feet on the tallest ladders since height impacts balance. If a tall ladder has firm rubber feet, they won’t sway when you reach the highest rungs.


Harnesses are very important solar panel cleaning accessories for jobs in commercial environments. They’re needed during all cleaning routines because commercial buildings have risks in the surroundings. For example, if a car makes a loud sound as it drives by on a highway, the noise could make you lose your balance. If a harness is used during this situation, it will protect you when the ladder wobbles or tilts.

The best harnesses have designs that meet or exceed standards by the ANSI and OSHA. Never buy and use a harness that doesn’t meet these standards because it won’t provide the highest level of safety.

Snow Rake

Following a major snowstorm, ice will linger on some solar panels. While there are thick clusters of snow on solar surfaces, the hardware won’t be able to harvest energy. Snow tools can remove snow that lingers on the top of solar panels, and one of the most convenient options is a snow rake. A typical rake has a telescoping handle and a wide surface area for scrubbing. The padding won’t damage the panels since it’s made of durable foam.

These are the most important tools for solar panel cleaning routines. If you don’t have a solar panel system, you can acquire hardware by working with Gem Energy Bundaberg Solar Power.