5 Top Reasons To Get A Smart Thermostat

Image via Flickr by CORGI HomePlan

Smart thermostats are all the rage, and there are a lot of reasons why the trendy upgrade is only getting more popular. Whether you’re looking for convenience or you want to start saving money on your energy bill, smart thermostats are a smart investment. Here are five reasons to make the switch this season:

Set an Automatic Schedule

If you follow a routine, you can program that into your smart thermostat. Let your thermostat know when you’ll usually be home, when you wake up, and all the other details of your schedule. It can then vary your home’s temperature throughout the day. Other people in your home can modify this schedule, both remotely and directly on the thermostat, so everyone stays comfortable.

Change the Thermostat’s Settings Before You Get Home

It’s important to keep your home at a house-safe temperature all year long so neither extremely high nor low temperatures cause damage. However, this safe temperature range is much wider than the “room temperature” range you find comfortable. When you have a smart thermostat with remote control, you can turn up the A/C before you get home so your house is the perfect temperature when you walk in the door.

Save Money on Your Energy Bill

A smart thermostat can recommend tweaks for you to start saving money on your energy bill. Not only can it recommend optimal temperatures and power down the heating while you’re gone, but it can also cool down or heat up your house at the best speed. Trying to manually change your home’s temperature too quickly wastes a lot of electricity, while a smart thermostat can handle it with a focus on efficiency.

Learning Thermostats Can Adjust Your Home to Fit Your Schedule

If you don’t have time to remotely control your A/C as you leave work or to program in all of your schedule details, don’t worry about it. A smart thermostat can also learn your schedule as you use it. It picks up patterns in your day-to-day usage so it can predict what temperatures you like and when you want changes to take place. Smart thermostats can also take the weather and the days of the week into consideration for completely personalized air conditioning.

Get Reports About Your Home’s Energy Usage

If you like to dive into the numbers of your home’s energy usage, a smart thermostat is right there with you. Every smart thermostat collects data about energy consumption, general temperature conditions inside the house, and dozens of other factors. You can use these reports to see when your air conditioning is using the most energy and what you can do to reduce your energy footprint. The reports can even help you find which rooms have poor ventilation and identify developing problems with your air conditioning unit.

Smart thermostats give you fine-tuned control over your home’s temperature and air conditioning no matter where you are. Whether you want to program your settings down to the last detail or you want your air conditioning to automatically follow your routine, a smart thermostat can make it happen.