7 Tips to Follow while Choosing a Sewing Machine

sewing machine

Getting the right sewing machine is more than just looking at the price tag. It entails a cocktail of factors each having some significant weight in the final purchase decision. That said, most new buyers face challenges selecting the right machine. This is because many of them do not have adequate information or experience on what to look out for. In this article, we are going to discuss top tips you need to follow while shopping for a sewing machine.


Sewing machines should be portable and durable. Most of the machines you will find in the market are made of plastic composites. Manufactures do this deliberately to cut on costs and boost portability. Even with this, you must ensure that the quality of the plastics is top notch. Cheaply constructed sewing machines with substandard parts easily break down and as such will not serve you in the long-term. Cheap is expensive because you will be forced to replace the machine after just a few years.


Depending on the degree of sewing you want to do, you may prefer a machine with extra functionalities including the ability to make zigzag stitches, straight stitches, and blind hems. This will make your work easier. Also look for features such as LCD screens to guide you in selecting stitch patterns and corrections. To make your sewing task a success, invest in a machine that will enable you to work on your projects effectively and efficiently.

Easy to Clean and Attach

Another area you should look at when buying these machines is the ease of access and cleaning of accessories and parts such as levers, buttons, feet, and feeder. The accessories and settings must be attached well. Loose attachments not only look ugly but also tend to fall off easily. Bobbins, for instance, should sit snugly on the spindle to allow them to be unspooled by the machine.

Level of Automation

Reading through sewing machine reviews today, automation is one the highly sort after pointers to a good machine. Features such as computerized LCD screens, USB ports, and scanners help in feeding and displaying media that add to the functionality of the machine.


Instead of using the price as your guiding factor into knowing the best sewing machine, you need to go beyond that. List your needs first and then look for the machine that matches or closely matches those needs. This will avoid you buying a machine for a huge amount only to use a fraction of the features it has. However, it’s of paramount importance that you choose a sturdy model that will enable you to flex your creative muscles from time to time.

Size and Portability

If you do not do your sewing at home, you may need to carry your machine to and fro. Getting a portable machine and a carrying case can add to your convenience. Also, when working with heavy materials such as denim, you may need a slightly heavier machine to hold the fabric in place. Balance the portability aspect depending on the type of work for which you are sourcing the machine.


To ensure you a protected in case of mechanical failures, you should ensure you have a solid warranty in place. The warranty should clearly detail the conditions under which its applicable so that you do not void it and suffer later. Read through it and if possible seek clarifications before making your purchase.

Where possible, look for a comprehensive sewing machine review or comparison chart to make cross-comparisons of the different features that come with machines and how well they match your needs.

Getting the best sewing machine for beginners that can handle the task you have earmarked can be the beginning of success in the field of sewing. Whether you are working with heavy fabrics such as denim or light fabrics, the outcome will depend on several factors amongst them the choice of machine.

As we are living in the era of technology, everything is computerized including sewing machines. However, don’t be moved by the galaxy of features unless you understand how beneficial each one of them will be for your job.

There is completely no point in investing loads of cash in a machine that will not deliver as expected. Take time to decipher the sewing machine that will be best serve your needs considering the type of projects you will be working in and the frequency. A well-chosen sewing machine will serve you for a lifetime effectively and efficiently.