7 Things You Can Sell if You Have a Family Emergency


No one likes to be in the kind of situation where they are desperate for cash. If you get into that kind of situation, though, and you need money in order to help your family survive, there are some things that you can sell to get the kind of money that you need.

  1. Start small and consider selling baked goods. If you are looking for the money that you need to pay one bill that is due, you might be able to get that money by baking up a large amount of treats and then selling them. You could even get friends and family to donate some baked goods to your cause and put together a large sale.
  1. Sell off your recreational vehicles. If you have a four wheeler and you are in desperate need of cash, you need to think about selling that. Even if you enjoy driving that vehicle, you have to think about your needs and part with it in order to help your family make it through this difficult time.
  1. You should go through your home and find all those things that you do not use and sell them. You might have enough stuff in your home that really isn’t useful to you any longer to put together a garage sale. This might not help you come up with a ton of cash, but it will help you earn some. You can combine this idea with the bake sale idea to earn a little more money in a quicker way.
  1. If you have any antiques, think about selling them. You might have held onto an old lamp that you display in your home for a number of years. You may have thought about passing it down to your children one day. If you are in a hard situation and money has become really tight, you need to think about parting with that and any other antiques that you have in your home. Make sure that you get a good price for those antiques to make the selling of them worthwhile.
  1. Sell off your second home and any cabin that you might own. If you have a home that you only use on rare occasions, it might be time to part with that. You do not want to pay taxes on that home and continue to take care of it when you are hard up for money. You should be able to get a good amount of money for that home to help your family out of the tough situation that you are in right now.
  1. You may need to consider selling the home that you are living in right now. You can find those who will buy any house and you can get them to give you a good amount of money for your home. While you might not be excited about moving your family to a new living place, you should be able to get your family out of the emergency situation that you are in by selling your home. Once you sell your home, you can rent a small apartment and live frugally until things start to look up for you, financially.
  1. Sell off any second vehicle that you own. If you have a car and a truck, you can only drive one of those vehicles at a time and you should consider selling off the second. You do not have the money to hold on to anything extra right now and you should try to find a buyer for your vehicle so that you can get out of the mess that you are in. Think about your vehicles and figure out which one is more important to you and the life you are living. Part with the other one.

It can be hard to go through a financial situation that is messy. You want to be able to give your family members everything that they want. Know that there are people out there who will buy things from you, such as your unwanted possessions and your home, and that you can get out of the mess that you are in by selling some of your belongings.