How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom?


Bathrooms are one of the most crucial areas of your house, which many people often ignore. They are the places we use several times a day. However, we do not give much importance to clean bathroom. If you wonder how often bathroom have to be cleaned, this article is for you.

Types of Cleaning and Areas

Places to Be Cleaned Intervals to Be Followed
Toilet Daily or Alternative Days
Bathtub Every Week or Alternative Weeks
Bathroom Sink Weekly
Bathroom Floor Every Week or Alternative Weeks

As you have seen in the above table, some areas require frequent cleaning while others do not. It can vary depending on how clean or dirty they get with or without maintaining them. Clean your bathroom in separate parts is often easier and keeps it neat much longer.


It is an area used often, and even if it is flushed, it can contain numerous microbes and bacteria. While flushing, you are only eliminating most of them while some remain. Therefore, using a disinfectant more often (daily or every alternative day) is a good option. It would ensure that you reduce the chances of infections and other potentially harmful elements affecting your family.


It is an area that will not get as infected as your toilet. Although you might use it daily the chances of infection from the bathtub are minimal. However, the chances of it getting dirty are not as minimal. So, a good idea would be to clean it every week or alternative weeks to keep them clean and tidy.

Bathroom Sink

Many people wonder about how to clean bathroom sink. We often use sinks to wash our hands and while brushing our teeth. Washing hands often involves using a liquid handwash that usually has a disinfectant. Brushing often does not leave as many germs in the sink as in the toilet. So, you can choose to wash them weekly with a disinfectant cleaner.

Bathroom Floor

External elements getting into your bathroom are often from your feet onto the floor. Moreover, toilet flushing is capable of leaving germs into the air that eventually fall on the floor. So, infections from the ground are a reality you have to avoid. Cleaning the bathroom floor every week or at least once every two weeks is the best way to keep it neat. It will help prevent infections from the outside hurting your family members.

Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom

Bathroom Sink And Faucet

It is vital to deep clean the bathroom at least once a month. It is also good to clean different areas of the restroom at the intervals we have listed down above. When you deep clean the bathroom, you ensure that all aspects are taken care of.

This type of cleaning often requires you to care for every part of your bathroom. It includes cabinets, mirrors, and other shelves in your bathroom. While some families plan to use professional services, many do it themselves without external help.

Tips on Cleaning Your Bathroom

There are a few tips that you can use when you want to clean your bathroom. Use these tips to ensure that the restroom is cleaned appropriately, leaving no stains or other dirt. Always use products that are recommended for cleaning purposes.

Cleaning Liquids

Some service providers suggest that you use proper cleaning liquids that have a disinfectant as an ingredient. Anti-microbial liquids are also available, and you can use them to clean your bathroom. There are cleaning liquids for daily use, and there are others for deep cleaning purposes. Make sure you use the right one for a specific purpose.

Relevant Tools

Use recommended tools and keep them apart from each other. For example, you should not use your toilet brush to clean your bathroom sink or the bathtub. So, purchasing and using separate brushes and towels for each purpose is crucial.

Keep it Dry

Everyone knows that a bathroom is a place that can get wet quite easily. At the same time, it is also equally important to realize that moisture, wet surfaces, and humidity can be a good breeding ground for germs and bacteria. So, keeping your bathroom dry and tidy is very important.

These tips can help you maintain a clean bathroom. Although using professional help is a good idea, some homes cannot afford the same. Therefore, they would be left with no choice but to do it themselves. These tips can help them have a good job done.


There is no conclusive answer to the question of how often should you clean your bathroom. So, cleaning the bathroom in parts is the ideal way to have it done without breaking your sweat. Always remember to wear safety gear like gloves and footwear while you do the cleaning. These can help you not get affected by the cleaning liquids when your skin can be exposed to them for a while.